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The same happen to my over acting mine.

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I look at the clock, it is midnight. For hours now I have laid in bed, thoughts spinning in uncontrollable circles. Categorising is not my forte and so I let these thoughts whirl. If I look close enough into the darkness, it is as if I could almost pluck an idea out of mid air and it could appear before me. I try to steer clear from doing so, as my luck in this usually leads me to bringing my nightmares to life. Often I cannot tell what is real and what is my over active imagination. With these projections comes feelings. I manifest demons and they come to harm me. I feel the pain they inflict and so I attempt to stare into the darkness, detached from my thoughts. Letting them free fall from my mind.

This particular night I feel calm and with calmness comes the storm. I…

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Forbidden love

handsstarThe priest walked thru the church deep in though thinking how to deal with his heart desire and his devotion to God. He had a mutual platonic love with a nun. A pure love, the one that happen one’s in a life time. You can feel it in  the air when they were closed together. The congregation was aware of it. They wish them well. At night, he lied on his bed wondering how would be to spend the rest of his life with her raising a family. Sometime dawn found him awake thinking what to do with the situation he found himself in. The though of loosing her was unbearable. He has to make a decision between God and her. Hard thing to do because he wanted to be a priest since puberty.

On the other hand the nun want to leave the convent to marry him. She will alway serve God in another way because she was like him a devoted christian. They have to pick between being in the church as a full-time servant of the Almighty or as a loving couple who love him and will serve him don’t matter what. She asks the Superior nun of the convent for advised. She told her to follow her heart; God will understand, all he want is for his servant to be happy. Tell you priest how you feel about him. I am sure he will make the right decision.


The father tired of fighting his feeling went to his superior and told him how he felt about the nun. The Monsignor told him, “son you can serve God in many ways. All he ask of humanity is to follow his teaching to have a better life on earth and a place in heaven when the time come. They renounced their vows married and continue serving the Almighty with fervor. I don’t want to critic the Catholic Church but I think you could serve the church and  have a spouse at the same time. Sorry, IF I offended anyone is just a though.

                                                                                   Author: Melito Santos



IMG_0446A man walked thru life without any interest in the future.  committing all kind of crimes and abusing his fellow countrymen.  He had a bad temper and corpulence body to go with it. One night he enter a bar, ask to talk to the owner who was one of the baddest motherfucker in the neighborhood. when he came out the man took a twelve-inch blade he had hidden behind his back and cut his head clean of his shoulders. You could see the blood pouring out like it fountain. The people in the bar ran out scared to death the killer walked out of the door and disappear into the night carrying the head in his hands.

The homicide detectives and the scene crime investigator look through out the place looking for the missing head but it was gone. The perpetrator  took his head for who knows what obscure purpose. After the preliminary investigation the rest of the body was taken to the city morgue. There wasn’t a need for an autopsy since the cause of death was obvious. The witness of the crime didn’t want to talk to the police  afraid the head collector will come back and cut their off. That’s how the news people call him. He goes to towns around the country looking for criminals to cut their head. The innocent witness never said anything to the detective investigating the crimes didn’t want to attract the attention of the head cutter.


In a country side town was a bully who abused women, old people and children alike. One day he abused a nice old lady who live nearby got in trouble with the law. The local newspaper put his face in the front page. The TV news showed him beating the poor woman on the street recorded by a passerby on his cell phone. The head hunter saw it on the evening news got up his sit pick up the long blade knife. He got into his car to collect the bully’s head. He drove for four-hour to that small town register in a road side motel to wait for him to come out on bail. The man came out of jail on bail not knowing what was going to happen to him; went into a bar to celebrate that he wasn’t in jail.


The collector waited in his car until dusk. This time he didn’t go inside because the publicity he had this past few months. The bully came off the establishment walking in zig zag from his drunkenness. When he turn around the corner of the street the head cutter was there; the bully saw a bright light coming toward him, it was the reflection of the street light on the blade. It took one blow to chopped his head off. He collect his prize looks to see if anyone was watching, not that he care, no-one has dared to denounce him yet;  walked to his car and drove home. In a car parked in a dark street was the detective investigating the collector. He knew that soon or later the head cutter will come to get the bully’s head. He was the kind of victim of the perpetrator.


The cop didn’t stop him because he was curious about what the man do with the collected head. Instead, he follow him from a distant. The man had the head in a jar next to him; drove down the highway  to his home town. Once he got there walked out the car took the jar into the basement of his house put liquid in it. Put the head on top of a shelf went to bed and felt asleep from exhaustion. The police called the nearest police station for back up and the fiscal attorney for permission to go in.  when the reinforcement arrive with order to arrest the man and search the house. The swat team went inside quietly. The man who had a deep sleep didn’t hear a sound. The officers push him with the front of his weapon waking him up. When he opened his eyes found himself looking through the hole of a 12 inch shotgun. They put handcuffs on him got him off the bed into a police car.


The police searched the house from top to button looking for the missing head. One of the cop went inside the basement and almost have a heart attack. When he saw the shelves full of jars with heads in them and empty ones on the side ready to use. He called the scene crime investigation team they process the area found about a hundred head in the room. Looks he had a long run collecting heads. Some of the cops didn’t want to go see the scene, scare to have nightmare after that. One by one the jar were taken out put them in a police vehicle for transport to the nearest morgue with the purpose of returning the head to the respected body.

In the interrogation room at the police station the head cutter sat shackle to a table. Two detective enter the room sat in front of him and asks him, “why you commit those horrendous crimes?”  “I am on this earth to punish the evil doers in the name of God.” He answered. “How is that?” Asks the cop and add, “he talks to you.” ” Not he doesn’t but I know what has to be done to clean the land from the wicked.” “Oh ok, why do you keep the heads preserved in those vases?” asks the other interrogator. “I do it to keep them from doing bad things in the after life.” Said the collector. The cops look at each other and though this guy is out of his mind. “Well, that’s all for now.” the cop said.  They walked him to a prison cell; the corrupt cop in the station didn’t dare to look at the collector’s eyes.


He had a fast trial. The jury found him in less than an hour guilty of multiple first degree murders. The judge sentence him to life in prison without right of parole. He was taken to a maximum security jail where he will pay for his action. In the penal institution the prisoners were waiting for him. Some of their closest friend were victim of the head cutter. In a week he was stabbed to death and died.

He saw a bright light at the end of a tunnel walked down the corridor thinking he was going to heaven. When he got closer realize the splendor came from an intense fire in the devil’s lair where he will be punished for all eternity.  His punishment was according to the kind of crime he had committed. He will have his head cut off over and over forever. You can’t correct a wrong thing by doing another.

                                                                                           Author: Melito Santos

Love Is Beautiful

nature-_4_Nobody knows how it begins; a lock of eyes, a tenderly touch of the hand, an invitation to lunch.  Love could be at first sight or grow slowly. It is something you can feel but no see.  A warm feeling who run from head to toe.  You feel like walking on the cloud.  Some live for that person and nobody else; that’s real love.  No the love base on lust that make you go from flower to flower pollinating them.  That isn’t love and isn’t worth it.  A person like that you have to cut it off from the roots.


I remember my first platonic love.  when I got close to her sweat cover all body and quiver from the emotion of  closeness.  At night, I laid on my bed thinking about what to said to her the next day.  I wrote in my head a long love letter  but when the time come my legs shake like yellow as soon I get close to her.  I know that our love was mutual but I used to hang around with the wrong crowd.  Once I was going to take the bus to go a college and for some reason my heart was jumping of joy.  When we met on the bus I realize what has my heart all excited. We were in the university and still can’t talk to her.  Thinking about it, I am a coward in the matters of the heart.  In all my love relation the women have taken the lead except with the woman I love the most and broke my heart.  I am so sensible that twenty-five years later still recovering.  Don’t get me wrong we love each other very much.  We leave together for four years in Germany.  Yes, she was German and I am a Puerto Rican station in Deutschland.  Some how the love got lost on the way but “such is life.”

What came after that is too sad to share with you.  I was a wrecked of emotion; remember I wrote I am sensitive.  So, between that and the Persian Golf War my mind was lost in a world of guild (PTSD) That all I will write about that.  Lost in the state of mind I make a lot of love mistake along the way.  I wasn’t prepared for a relation and failed in all the attend to have a companion for life.  Now I have waited close to ten years to try again.  I am in a long distant relationship with someone I met in Costa Rica five month ago to see how it goes.


There is a problem with love the person that you like doesn’t like you and the one who’s mad in love with you.  It isn’t you type.  Nowadays it’s hard to get a lasting relationship.  There are some lucky one who got the right person for a lifetime but you have to cherish that relation because things can change in a blink of an eye.  Love is a wonderful feeling and would like to have it back.

                                                                    Author; Melito Santos 


This theme will hurt sensibilities; in special on the decent people from India; so, I apologize in advance.  Some people from that country are committing cyber crime against the common population.  They appeal to the one of the defect we human has avarice.  That’s how the conversation begin with them offering you money that supposedly belong to you.   They try to do that with me but didn’t work.  I don’t know how they got my phone number but I receive a call saying that the federal government own me twenty thousand dollars. Then ask me if I want to receive the money to my bank account or thru Western Union.  He began to ask me all kind of question that I didn’t understand because he had a strong Indian accent.  I know he wasn’t working for the government because he could even speak English at all.  So, I told him to send me the money to the western union and text me the number to pick it up.  He hung the phone and never call back.

Last week one of them call and told me that I order a security package for life from a company I can’t recall the name now. The thing is he said that the company was going to close and they were refunding the money to the subscribers.  ( Before I continue let me tell you something. I am a combat veteran of the USA Army.  I am a mental health patient because of that I take some medicine that interfere with my thinking. Sometime I am alert and other not.) Now, that I have that out-of-the-way let continue. Like I was telling you the were going to refund me $299.00 but before that they needed access to my computer.  Since, I was medicated didn’t have my mine clear and let them access my Laptop.  They put up a paper with my information don’t know how they got it.  In the form they have space for my SSN, Credit Card, and Bank Account information for me to fill it out.  I told them to go a hell. They hijack my computer and told me to send them $200.00 to fix it. My answer was the same to go …. I prefer to buy another computer than to give a money to those %$#@@#*.  The thing is I was writing a book and lost half of it.  Now, I have to start from the middle. Oh I forgot to tell you.  Since, I bought the Laptop in April the warranty still good so they fix it.  My advice to you be careful when you receive a call from a person with an Indian accent.  I am sorry about those good Indian people, but, there are bad apple that our fellow human need to know. Now, I feel so stupid because he said his name was Jame Hunt and I know there is nobody by that name living in Mumbai.  I was medicated for my mental problem so…

                                                                  Author; Melito Santos 

Deep within the woods

imagebase7_11In a foggy night, a full moon could be seen on the horizon; the howling of the wolf can be heard miles away.  A sinister sensation fills the surrounding.  The stench of  Putrefaction irritates the nostril of any person who ventures into that forsaken place.  The swampy area full of crocodiles and other creature of the marsh scared people away.  It was the type of place evildoers go to adored and worship Beelzebub.  A wooden house deep in the woods was used to make their evil sacrifices to his unclean Lord of the Underworld.  They were humans who lost their way thru time.  The descendant of those lost souls continues their wrong belief and ritual.  Every full moon cycle they capture an innocent man from the nearby town for their sacrifice ritual.  The population of the small city was declining, and people start to question their disappearance.

The worshipers draw with the bones of preview sacrifices a five point star.  In the middle of the star was a stone table used for the ritual.  The member of the satanic cult dress in a black rope with the same star on the chest.  Tight down the drugged offering on the table.  During the ceremony, the high priest took a sharp knife, open the victim’s torso and remove the heart.  Once the blood pump was on his hand; a foul odor of sulfur and fire came from a hole in the ground, the king of damnation rose to collect his tribute. One time they couldn’t get a tribute.  He rose for his adoration gift.  He saw there wasn’t one.  He rips the high priest beating heart out and eats it while he watches.  Since them, the new high priest secured a victim for the event.

The priest from the town church has the idea of evildoers were responsible for the disappearance of the city folks.  He gathers ten healthy men from the congregation to search the swamp for proof.  They went into the forest during the day looking for a place where evil might be.  After, few days nothing was found.  The father knew the congregation’s men didn’t have knowledge on the subject at hand.  He began to train them on the evil sign and how to fight the beast.  They arms themselves with consecrated swords, knives, crucifixes, blessed oil, and holy water.  The men patrol the marsh every day, and nothing turn up.  One day closer to the full moon cycle a man from the chapel saw few people dress in black carrying a big bag.  He follows them from afar but keeping eyes in the dark figures until the arrived at a ritual site.  They open the bag, and he saw a city folk drugged inside, or it seems that way.  The man realizes it was the place they have looked for; he ran to the church to let the others know. 

The priest’s men gather the necessary equipment for the battle of good against evil.  The father told them to wait until an hour before midnight.  They sit around planning how to proceed when the fight started; no knowing who was the enemy.  On a table in the church, they sat to eat and pray before going to hunt the men from the marsh.  Still early to kill time a game of poker was played.  At ten o’clock they walked into the swamp slow and conceal with homemade camouflage.  They know the way to the ritual site.  So, they move carefully thru wet terrain; to catch them in the act.  They could see a dim light in the distant and went straight to it.  When the priest and his men got close to the place; they hide nearby to watch what the black rope figures were doing.  They were preparing a ceremony of some sort.   Hiding in the dark they waited to see what happen.

Members of the cult carried the man one of the church goers so earlier unconscious.  Unholy marks were drawn on his body in preparation for sacrifice and on his chest a five point star.  They put him on a table in the center of the star made of humans bones. The group hiding in the bushes looked at them in silent to see the purpose of the ceremony.   Satanic chants can be heard coming from the men dressed in the black cloak.  Grabbing each other hands, they form a circular chain while singing the evil songs and moving from side to side in a trance.  Inside the circle, a man wears a red, black cape in a pointy hat and a dagger in his hand.  When the high priest raises his knife to open the victim; a flying blade hit him in the chest.  He looks at the blood pouring out the hole on his five point star, with wide open eyes, he collapses on the ground.   The rumble began one of the priest man cut of the cult man in half with his sword.  The rest of the cult gets out of their stupor and grab picks fork to fight the intruders.  During the battle, body-less head flew thru the air, guys pierced with the fork and arms less corpses laying on the foul ground.

A hole opens on the fight site the stench of sulfur and putrefaction was unbearable.  Satan rose from the hole.  He has big curve horn, eyes lit up on fire, big claw, and a huge corpulence anatomy.  In a  harsh voice, he claims his tribute.  The demon worshiper felt on their knees and bow to the master.  The devil tries to get one of the priest’s men but they at once threw the holy oil on him.  He screamed in agony when the pure liquid landed on him.  His flesh burned with the oil; instead of a beating heart, he went down to hell in pain.  It didn’t kill him but for sure left a mark on his psychic.  His follower escapes through the swamp into woods and disappear.  The priest along with what was left of his man destroyed the altar and purified the place with holy water.  Then, pick the bodies of his dead people and took them to be buried in sacred ground.  The town inhabitants are always on the lookout in case the worshiper returned along with the unclean.

Author;  Melito Santos