Despicable a man

who treat woman

as a piece of meat.

Knowing in a womb

he became to be

the man he is.

For nine month

she carried and protect you

so, healthy you grew up to be.

                                                   Now you treat them,

                                                   like a piece of meat.

Should be ashamed

who treat a woman

as a personal slave.

Think of you mother

 sister, daughter, niece and

other women in your family.

Who give you a son, a daughter

it wasn’t you because you lack

Of a womb. Next time you hurt a

woman remembers when you were

the first nine months of your existence.

Also, that it could happen to

the females in you family. 

                                                                             Author,  Melito Santos



nature-_3_Between the sheets, the lovers meet,

promising eternal love that it won,t be.

In the passion of the moment; bodies in heat.

Empty promise: are made under the sheets.


Young lover are so naive that believe anything,

while they are on the bed pleasuring each other,

under the moisture sheets from, they love making,

below a cloudless sky: moon lighting up the night.


Days of fast living times: not good for long lasting love.

Working from dawn ’till dusk; keep partners apart;

 office wolf comes in between and ruin; relationships.

Be aware because cougars, wolves; are on the prowl. 


When a promise is made; have to be done in a cool head

the life together begins when you live in the same place.

Difference amongst the two comes to light; you have to

meet half way for a promise of eternal love takes its toll.


                                                           Author, Melito Santos





handsstarSparkle spot in the night

on the dark sky; telling stories

of battles and heroes of the past,

can be seen shining brightly.



Hercules figure, up you see, left

by the Greek; honoring him for

 a life well live fighting: beast

and tyrant for social peace.



It isn’t Cupid silhouette that you see.

It’s Aphrodite the God of love and beauty

in the sky you see; envy by mortal as well

in the Olympus by the celestial being.



The flickers dot in the firmament are

stars making drawing; in the distant sky.

Glittering constellations representing creatures,

 gods, and goddesses of the Roman passed.



Author; Melito Santos


untitled-1-copyTo have her heart peel the layers;

Layer’s of trust to get the heart.

Layer’s of fear she may have.

Layer’s of shyness of the heart.



Layer’s of pain other left behind.

Layer’s of skin to erased the mark.

Layer’s of a broken heart.

Layer’s of the healing time.



Layer’s of memories left in mind.

Layer’s of an abusing man.

Layer’s of a broken home.

Layer’s of the dark world in her mind.



Layer’s of her worst time in life.

Layer’s of broken dream she had.

Layer’s of the unfaithful man.

Then you will have a free naked heart.




Author; Melito Santos




img_5184-copyForgive my lack of bravery.

Forgive my weaken heart.

Forgive the way I treated you.

Forgive me for let you go.


Forgive my broken spirit.

Forgive the way I felt.

Forgive my broken heart.

Forgive my devastated mind.


Forgive the woman who did it.

Forgive her; she gave me love.

Forgive her ’cause love isn’t forever.

Forgive her; she loves me well.


Forgive yourself it wasn’t you.

Forgive you ’cause you give me hope.

Forgive me ’cause I still love her.

Forgive me; it was my first love.


imagebase7_16Silent of the heart.

Silent of the mind.

Silent of the soul.

Silent an amazing sound.


You can hear your thoughts.

You talk to yourself.

You can hear you, heart.

You soul is alert on a silent night.


A beautiful sound that’s all around.

You can hear on the coldest night.

In the wood when you are alone;

you can hear the deepest thoughts.


What an enchanting sound.

It is my favorite sound.

The sound of the thinker.

Silent is a wonderful sound.









Thru light or darkness is the path that all human has to pass; to get to the other side.   Some walk slowly other fast depend on where they have to go. Up or down people go for what they did in this life.   All religion claim to be the chosen one but at the end, you stand alone for judgment day.   Be careful who you follow; there are wolves disguised as sheep among the pastors of the herd.   Some offer seventy-three virgin to do the wrong thing in the name of God, but he is peace and love for all.   In the name of him to many crimes have been done and a lot of believers down the drain have gone.  False prophet all around making many downfalls.

How delightful will it be to see your family and friends who part the earth before you did?   Dress in the purest white you ever see; singing song in unity all as one in harmony.   No more sorrow, no more pain, all the suffering left behind to leave peacefully in paradise.   What a day it will be when all God created creature live in peace.

Be careful because the evil one is around making promise to take you down to an obscure place down below.   Where the suffering will begin to last all eternity, calamities you will face for all evil deeds in life you did.   You are on time to repent before you burn in a lasting fire in a pit.   While the unclean laugh at you for being too naive to believed in him.

Whatever you do in this life; measure is in favor of humanity; no be greed, no be abusive, do not steal primarily from the need it, and above all do not abuse of woman, children or the elderly because if you do.  The fire of hell will torture you until creation end.


image00052Mar y Sol it’s was my mate; make my heart jump with joy every time she got too close.   At night in my sleep I dream of her; how would be to kiss her lip.  How many time I practice my rap to end up with a nerve breakdown; before she got too close.  Shyness keeps me away from the desire of my heart.  If I don’t talk, how she will know that I die for her; every night.  Her blue eyes the color of the sea make me fly like a leaf in the wind to a beautiful world that I only can see.  When we get close the contrast is evident; soft Ivory again smoothes ebony skin.  What a wonderful thing.  To God, I implore to let me speak, but into a deaf ear, my prayer falls asleep.  When I walk to get transport to the school and feel my heart jump; for sure she on the bus.  I know she is my soul mate so tomorrow; I talk to her. We are like the moon she faces the sun, and I face away, but together we will be for eternity.


imagebase3_43Up in the mountain is a plateau with lovely flowers all year long.

In different form and color, they come to decorate the land above.

Butterflies dance a beautiful ball showing their color and form.

Exquisite abstract design on their wing they have for the joy of the



Rabbits run around looking for food in the flat land; always on the lookout

for the hungry lynx who’s hiding in the bush.  Small mammals and birds or

small lizards are on the diet of the voracious cat.  In the bushes, he

patiently waits for an unwary prey who come close for him to jump.

The happy bees from flower to flower they go looking for nectar to take

home.  They make the honey that later the human and bear loot.

Hummingbirds hover near the flowers; with his long beak suck the nectar

that they needs; to have energy for the fast movement of their crazy wings.


The life goes on; some looking for root and fruit, other for the nectar and

other for prey.  That’s how it is in the Plateau some carnivores other not;

How pleasant is life high on the mountain on the flat land.  If you hike to

the top a paradise, you will find in the garden on the Plateau.


                                                                                          Author; Melito Santos