abandoned-ancient-antique-235986 (1)Every day I walk close to a house in my neighborhood who give me the creeps.   It was made out of brick stone with tinted glasses, a chimney, and a big wooden door.  The trash and tall grass-covered the front yard.   The gate produces out of steel was rusted all dangling from the hinge that holds them.   Looking from the attic window was an old woman with sad eyes who stared at me every time I passed close to that awful place.  I wonder what terrible secret might wait in that house.   The other kids from the suburb where I live were afraid to get near the home.   They said there is something evil hiding inside waiting for some innocent person to go looking for trouble.  So, they stay away from that scary house.

They are naive I thought, there is nothing except that sad old lady in the attic.  I will go into the place, not now, of course, I have to prepare before that; I have to make a plan for any inconvenience that could happen.  I need to convince one of my friend from school to go with me.  I don’t need a partner but a witness; someone who confirms my finding or better yet a person to record the whole thing in a recording camera.  I won’t denied, scare me all the stuff people said about that house, but I gather all my courage and begin to prepare for the journey into the unknown.

First I talk to Thomas a rare kid who likes the occult and all sort of unnatural themes.  He is tall for his age, has brown hair, and green eyes.  Used to be alone most of the time because he was kind of weird always talking about spirit, demon, and horrible creature.  I think he wants to become one of those horror movie writers.  I ask him. “Are you brave enough to accompany me to the scary place?”  He asks. ” Why do you want to go into that house?”  I respond. ” Curiosity, I want to discover what makes people afraid of the place”  ” If nobody wants to go inside must be for a reason,” He said. ” That’s what we are going to find out” I replied.  He said. ” We, what do mean we!, I don’t have accepted to go in there!”  ” But you will don’t you; after all, you like that kind stuff,” I told him. ” OK, I will go, but with one condition, you need to bring more people in,” he said.  “It’s done” I replied.  So, now we need more guys to come we us to the adventure.

The next day at school we gathered a couple of a student together and explained what are we planning to do and ask for volunteers to come. Some of them coward and walked away scared, but few of them showed courage and said yes we would join you guys.  Karen, Joel, and the siblings Martha and Roger decided to come.  Now, we will get together to make the plan and gather all the equipment needed.  We divided the house into three sections since we were six, there will be two per area.  We need some form of communication devices that we will get from the school technology department.  The sibling will bring the snacks while Karen and Joel have to get water and Thomas and I will get flashlights, batteries, and the other article needs it.  I told them ” to bring a backpack with extra clothes and any personal thing and every individual need such as medication or personal hygiene items.”

None of them want to go during the school day, so we decided to go on Saturday.  All the equipment need it was complete; now we have to wait for the next weekend.  We were excited, it was an adventure inside our neighborhood, we fear the unknown, but at the same time, the excitement of the uncertainty keep us going.  Karen begins to doubt about going.  I ask her “what happen Karen.” She said “I’m scared it could be dangerous”  ” Nothing will happen I assure you.” I said.  ” How could you be so sure; no one has ever been inside that house.” She replied.  “OK. I will be close to you the whole time” I said, and she relaxes.  You can see the excitement of Joel always talking about the best way to access the brownstone house.  He can’t wait to be inside the place.  The siblings Martha and Roger didn’t say much, but you could see how enthusiastic they were base on the preparation of their baggage.

We were ready to go into the frightening structure, but there was one more day left.  They argue about who was going to be who’s partner.  We decided that Karen and I will go together, Martha and her brother, and finally Joel and Thomas.   So, that’s how we were going to cover the three areas the fastest way.   Karen and I will go to the top floor while the brother and sister take the second floor and Thomas and Joel have the first floor for themselves.  We make the decision there were nothing else but wait until tomorrow night.  That’s the best time to do it when nobody is watching.

The day has come the whole crew got reunited to go over the last few details before we go into action.   We need to locate a way to go inside the house without being seen.   It has to be close to the ground for easy access probably one of the basement windows.  We did a final check of the all the need it articles and equipment.   Check flashlight, radio communicator, cell phone, and the rest of electronics; they all work fine.  There was plenty of water, food, clothes, and blanket in case of an emergency.   Since everything was in order, we will meet again at dusk in front of the house.

The sun went down on the horizon, and we were ready to go like if we were in one of those into the unknown adventures movies.  We were excited and scared to death at the same time because only a fool go where nobody has been before without fear.  Karen and I went first because the whole thing was my idea.  We enter thru an open space in the gate, and everyone follows.  We tiptoed thru the tall grass until we were near the wall of the place.  Then, try all the small window to the basement until one open.  We look at each other I don’t know if it was of anticipation or consternation of what was ahead, but we were excited.  One at a time we went into the house, darkness surrounds us, a gush of air blow by like if someone knows we were there.  We turned the flashlight on and started looking for the stairwell.  We saw it, across the basement near of what look like to be an old wine cellar.  We could see every corner of the place so nothing rare in here we thought.

We divided into three teams and went to our respective areas to look for whatever it was in there.  We accord to meet in one hour on the second floor to discuss what we have found.  Karen and I went looking for the old lady.   I called ” hello anybody home” nobody answer.  We keep looking for the third-floor rooms before going to the attic. A shadow passes close to us, and we feel a chill going up our spine and Karen begin trembling with fear. She said. “I told you we shouldn’t come,” I ask. ” Are you OK?”  “Of course I’m not, you didn’t feel that someone is here and it is not human,” she replied and add. “This place is possessed I can feel it.”  I tried to calm her down, but she was scared.  We walked down the stair to look for the rest on the second floor.  We found Martha and her brother, but the other two haven’t arrived yet.  The siblings were in shock they saw something I know for their facial expression.  I ask. “what happens, what’s wrong” they couldn’t make a sound or pronounce a word.  I sat them down on two chairs nearby and gave them water.  Then wait for them to calm down. They said, “we saw a room full of people, and they were burning” ” where is that room,” I ask. “It disappears,” Martha replied.  A few minutes later Thomas and Joel show up they look OK.  We gather around to discuss what each one of us saw.  Karen said. ” I want to leave right now something evil is in this place”  The siblings caught their breath and said at the same time ” we are living, something wrong with this house.”   “Wait a moment we haven’t got to the bottom of the mystery,” I said. ” We need to keep looking,”  Thomas said. ” He is right we haven’t discovered anything.” Joel said,  “I will stay until the end.”   We were divided fifty, fifty so we flip a coin. Karen and the siblings won. We will leave the place.  We walk to where the window and It wasn’t there.  The whole baseman has changed;  nothing was in the same place we left it.   Now we all got scared to death!

The sad old lady came into view and said, ” once you come in, the house won’t let you leave.”  She tried to tell me something else, but the wall pulled her inside.  I examined the wall to see if it was a trick but was solid.  Now, I almost piss my pants.  We went looking for an exit out of this crazy house.  That’s when it got worst the whole place began to change; sometimes we were upside down, other time walking on the wall, the structure mold itself, and the gravity at will, it was weird.  Then all the soul trapped in that place thru out the ages begin to appear in front of us.  It was time to get out but how!

We looked every inch of the house for a way out but didn’t find any.  “Hey, guys I believe we are trapped in here,”  I said.  “No shit Sherlock, Don’t you think we realize that,” Thomas yelled at me and then he said, “We need to solve the problem.”  ” I am not staying in here forever like those poor souls,” Karen said.  The siblings didn’t say anything but kept looking for an exit.  Joel wide eyes remain fixed in the corner of the room staring at something we couldn’t see.  Then, his face was pale as if he has seen something horrible.  He screamed and began to move frenetically from side to side and collapsed on the floor.  We ran toward him to check for vital signs, thank God he had a pulse and was breathing.   We let him laid down recuperating from whatever happened to him.

We found a locked room and broke the door to get inside.  The place had hundreds of shelves full of books.  Karen and I search some of the books on the shelves looking for an answer to what was going on.  The others were doing the same; trying to find a reason to why the house keeps people inside forever; like the old lady said.   While Joel recuperated we read the books in search of a sign that helps us get out of this jam, we got ourselves in, or I got all of them in.   It was a nightmare the room changing places, windows, and doors appear in areas they weren’t before, it was chaos.  Finally, Joel woke up and told us what he saw.

He said ” I saw in the distant row and row of spirit glued to this flames wall that ran for countless miles.  The poor souls were yelling something I couldn’t understand. They were trying to tell us how to break the spell and set them and us free.   A huge angry thing came inside my body, and I don’t remember anything else.   I don’t remember what exactly they said, but I believe it was burning the heart”   I told him to try to recall the moment.  We keep searching the library for illumination, just a little light to put us in the right direction.  There were so many books to look at that we need a miracle.  It was like finding a needle in a haystack, no knowing what to look for in the place.  We took a break to re-assess our situation and have some water and food.

After the brief rest, we continue searching the books for an answer to break the spell, or whatever keeps us prisoners in the house.   Then a rush wind came out nowhere and opened a book; an ancient one, that was on the bookshelf.  We ran to the book and started looking for the solution to our dilemma.  There was a chapter that talked about a wicked man who lives in the house and for his disgusting deed, he was cursed forever or until someone lifts the cursed.  He, in turn, make malicious witchcraft, so anyone who enters the house stays in forever to accompany him.  It is written in the book that the man lure his victim into the house with a promise of a good meal.  He put something in the food and after dinner was over the person fell asleep.  While the victims were unconscious; he hangs them upside down and peels the skin of their body cut them into pieces for the next meal which he will give to his next victim or should I said his next meal.

The story is that a father looking for his son which has been lost for two days following his track to the stone house in the grassland.  The place didn’t have any near neighbors, so no one knew what happens inside.  The man knocks on the door but nobody answer.  He tried the nod, and it was open.  He went inside quietly when he heard a noise coming from a room past the kitchen.  Seen his boy hanging upside down with half of the skin peel off; broke his heart.   He ran to cut him down, but before he reaches him, someone hit him from behind.  As strong as he was, he felt on the floor but got himself up quickly.  When the man tries to knock him down, he holds to the stick the man has and hit him with it in the stomach, he felt in pain.  The boy’s father kept beating him with the bat until he couldn’t anymore, and the human flesh-eating psycho was unconscious.  The man lowers his son’s body from the hook and put him down on the kitchen table.  Then went back to where the body of the man laid pick him up tied his feet with the same rope he has his son tied down and hung him upside down on the hook. He waited until the man regains his consciousness and cursed him to vague in the house without rest for all eternity and cut his wrist so he will bleed out. The man before he fainted makes a conjured to keep inside every soul that enters the house after his death.

The man took his son body to the family resting place and buried him there; went back to the house where the creepy old man was hanging cut his heart out; put in wooden crate sealed it and hid in the house.  He was a religious man, so he said whoever find this heart and burn it will free his soul.  He didn’t know that it wouldn’t be the only spirit his kindness will liberate.  After all, it happens the man has such a kind heart that he buried the body of the man who kills his only son; in that horrible manner.  I said,” let’s go look for that crate.”  Thomas asked, “where do we begin?”  Martha propose, “we can go look for a sign, he has to left some kind of mark.”  “That’s a good idea” replied her brother.  We divided the group into the same three pair and went looking for a sign or mark.

The evil spirit somehow knew what we were up too and begin to attack us by throwing furniture, portrait, and all the things in the house around.  He knew what will happen to him; if one of us set the crate on fire.  He wasn’t going up like the rest of the trapped soul in the place.  His destiny was to go down and burn forever in a pit of fire with the rest of the foul soul.  There he will pay for his sin.  So, he tried to kill us faster than the other he has murdered in the house.  The siblings were the first, he chops their head up, while they look for the sign, with an ax that was on the wall as decoration.  Karen saw it and begin to cry and to tremble in my arms.  I try to comfort her, but it was impossible after what she saw.   Joel and Thomas were searching the attic for the mark but didn’t find anything yet.  While I was embracing Karen on a wall, I saw a drawing of a man hanging upside down.  I let go of her and went to the place and down on the floor was a loose piece of the wood.

I called the guys over, but they were evading all the thing the nasty ghost was throwing at them.  A piece of glass on a table flew toward Joel and cut him in half.  Thomas, on the other hand, was running for his life.  I yelled at him, ” we found the heart.”  He said, ” what are you waiting for setting it on fire.”  That was the last thing he said; before the ghost push him down the stair and broke his neck.  I pull the splintered wood, and underneath was the crate.  I pick it up and put on a table nearby and begin looking for matches in my backpack.  The ghost was coming for Karen and us I don’t know where she got a bottle full of salt and threw it at him.  The spirit disappears for a moment, and I had the matches in my hand.  I took an oil lamp and emptied the liquid on the crate.  The vision came back. He was furious, but it was too late I light up the heart on fire.  The ghost begins burning at the same rhymes of the heart and screaming.  The house started shaking and blood coming from the wall like it was an accomplice of the evil man who once lives there.

A hole open up on the floor; you could see an underground passage full of souls burning. The condemned to hell, pull him down while he was crying and kicking his way into the fire of torment.  Once he was gone the hole to the inferno closed, and we were relieved.  Above a bright light came from heaven to guide the captive souls to the rightful place.  We saw all the spirit going up they were too many to count.  Karen and I left the wacky house but not before we set it on fire.  Now, I know why curiosity kills the cat.

                                                      Author, Melito Santos







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