The Forest


Deep within the forest, a human-like creature lurked; preying on all the animals, he could put his claws on.  At night when the moon is the fullest, the predator moved thru the bushes looking for an unaware quarry to satisfy his enormous appetite.  When he came out of his lair, the nocturnal dwellers stay home afraid of what might happen to them if they come face to face with the king of the forest predator.  Even the Nightcrawlers were too scared to go off the grown.  You could sense in the air when he was on the hunt.  The trees didn’t move, the wind didn’t blow, and there was a sepulchral silent like if every single living thing in the woods knew he was on a killing spree.

Evelyn and Rachel came from a city on the east coast to study at a university in the Midwest where they met George and Mark and became good friends.  Evelyn spent must her time with Mark, and eventually fell in love.  They were a loving couple always looking for adventures.  Rachel, on the other hand, had a hard time falling in love with George. He conquers her with compliments, flowers, and gifts.  Insistance and perseverance on his part paid off, and she felt for him. Like their friends, they love the outdoors.  The two couples used the summer vacation to go camping all around the country.  The holidays were near, and they were getting ready to go have fun.

The semester came to an end, and the students at the Community College were excited ’cause the best time of the year was here.  They love summer-time; the beaches, the overnight parties at the lake, the outdoors and the relaxation after five months of hard work.  George ask his friend, Mark, “What do you have planned for the weekend?”  “I don’t know.  Let me ask Evelyn what she wants to do, and I will come back to you.”  Mark said. “Ok, you go ask her.  I will ask Rachel if she wants to go camping.”  George replied. They decide to go to the National Forest for two weeks, and then to the beach for another fourteen days.  After, they had all the necessary equipment packed and ready, got in George’s SUV drove a hundred miles to the campsite.


The place was full of campers of all ages.  They were amazed at how many people came to the forest.  George and Mark offload the SUV while the girls went looking for the perfect spot to set the tents.  They found a place in a clearing near the edge of the woods. The guys came with part of theirs belongings put them on the ground and walked back to get the rest.  Eveling and Rachel start working on the tents.  They finished before the guys returned with the rest of the equipment.  The people in the neighboring tent came over to said Hi, and invite them to a party by the fire pit on the center of the camping area.  The sun disappears in the distant and darkness cover the campsite.  The fire and couple of flashlight help them moved throughout the multiples tents.  The kids went to sleep while the young adult sits around the fire drinking beer, telling jokes, and horrors stories to scared the others; unaware of the eerie red eyes scanning the area from the bush.


A camper went to pee in the wooded area and never came back; her friends look for any sign of her where about, but only a scarf in a pool of blood was left of her.  The news spread throughout the camp like wildfire.  Scared of what happens everyone gathers their kids and went to the fire pit and waits there for the police.  A few campers including Mark and George armed themselves with knives, firearms, and flashlight to look for the missing girl.  They followed the trail of blood left by the bleeding woman. Rachel and Evelin’s boyfriend led the search party.  The creature fleet thru the woods like a shadow; grasp one of the guys and disappear leaving a knife and a flashlight behind. Quivering and pale like a sheet of paper the eager searcher returned to the campsite. “What happened?”  Rachel asks the guys.  Coughing and puffing, George replied, ” a ghost grab one of the guys.” “There isn’t such thing as a ghost!”  Evelyn said.  “He vanished in front of us. It has to be an apparition of something like it.”  Mark replied.  “Are you alright? You look like something spook you.”  Rachel asks him.  “There is an evil spirit in those woods,” Mark said.

A thunderstorm could be heard in the distant, dark clouds were moving over the forest sky.  Raindrop begins to fall on the camp area, and the fire commences to die. The rain starts poured like a cascade on the campers.  Darkness covers the field, the people terrified and shivering got closer near the extinguished fire pit.  A shadow moving as fast as a lightning bolt pick them, one at a time, and vanished into the woods.  Rachel frightened hold onto George tight, but not tight enough, in a swift motion the critter took her away.  He didn’t realize she was gone until Evelyn asks for her.  George look around didn’t see her, and agitated ran into the dark forest not knowing where to go.  Mark and his girlfriend went behind him carrying flashlights.  They search for footprint there were none.  George fades away along with Rachel.

The park rangers arrived with the state police to gather information about what happened.  The campers gave a different version of what transpired in the area.  They came to the conclusion that something dangerous awaits in the woods.  The authorities evacuated the campsite; called for back-up and prepare themselves to go on the hunt for whatever evildoers lurk in the wooded field.  A contingent of law enforcement vehicle with strong spotlight arrive at the scene.  The rain stopped, but the police decided not to light up the pit.  They have a plan to trap the creature, which included replacing the people around the fire pit with dummies.  The truck with the spotlight surround the dolls pretending to be humans.  Sharpshooters lay on the ground with heavy firearms waiting for the predator to show up.  They wear night vision devices to observe the bait from their hiding spot.  As soon as they saw movement in the woods; they remove their night vision aid. Once, the beast dashes into the open, the police turn on the spotlight.  Blinded by the illumination the flesh eater thing slow down for a minute.  The shooter commences firing but misses the target, or so they thought. When the creature recovered fleet to the forest as fast as lighting.  Since the plan failed, the police went into the bushes to kill the heinous monster.


Marc and Evelyn blinded by the sudden flash of light, and the sound of the firearms rushed to the ground to take cover.  They saw the human-like thing dash passed them and hide in a cave.  The beast wounded and afraid coward in the corner of the cave.  The men follow a trace of yellowish liquid to the creature den.  A pungent smell hurt their nostril as they got closer to the monster hideout.  The couple on the ground stand up and follow the hunting party.  One of the men try to smoke the beast out with a grenade, but it didn’t work.  A guy went inside flashlight in one hand and a pistol on the other.  A shot was heard, and a second later his head rolled out of the den.  The men didn’t want to use the exploside or incendiary grenade in case some of the kidnap victims were alive.  Three men rushed in, but only one came out.  He told the other, “everyone inside is dead.”  The man in charge ordered police with a flamethrower to go in and fried the beast.  He steps into the cave, and the creature run toward him.  The cops fired setting the monster on fire.  The critter on fire ran like the wind thru the woods howling and disappear.

A few minutes later the police let Marc and Evelyn go into the den to look for their friends.  What they saw turned their stomach upside down.  George and Rachel were dismembered, as well as the other victims; visceral, arms, head and others body parts were everywhere.  Evelyn heartbroken and nauseated puke all over the place.  Marc got her out of the cavern.  She cries all the way to George SUV, because, she will never see her roommate again.  They drove off leaving the camping equipment behind.  They swear not to go camping to that forest or any other forest.  They had recurrent nightmares for years.  The creature was never seen again.  The police concluded the beast had died of his wound somewhere in the woods.


Autor; Melito Santos

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