The life of us human isn’t easy. On our way to adulthood, we go thru a lot of different stages. During our toddler years, its beautiful everything is done for you. All you have to do is sleep, eat, smile, and giggle for the amusement of you parents and relative. That’s if you’re born to a loving family, it isn’t always the case, and it’s a shame that some us have to go thru a difficult time at that age. Once you begin to walk it’s time to explore your surroundings and learn what this world has to offer, under the vigilant eyes of the adult taking care of you. When you reach the school age to learn what you need to survive in today’s society the bullying begins. If you are like I was, you won’t have any problem. See, I wasn’t a bully, but, I didn’t take shit from anybody. Once, I beat up couples of those bullies they leave me alone. They knew I wouldn’t stand for that kind of crap, and they will get their asses whip.

Then puberty comes along to mess everything up. Your hormone goes crazy, and you start growing hair everywhere. You begin to experience humor changes and get interested in the opposite sex. Which is great, but not in my case, I loved and lost because of my shyness. When you want someone, but you’re too afraid to talk to that person, it’s hurtful. You daydream about the object of your desired( I said object but not disrespectfully; I have the highest respect for woman.) but You’re too afraid to approach her.  You look at her from afar like a predator and scare the hell out her. You fell into a depression of your own doing, but it’s part of the process of growing up.

Not to mention the problem with your parent, because you think you’re an adult and want to be treated like one, not knowing there is a lot thing to learn before you become one. You want to buy your own clothes, with their money of course, because they want to control the way you dress. I know, I know some parents are control freak who has the need to regulate all aspect of your life. That’s when the confrontation started, and you end up in a perpetual fight for your freedom. Which you won’t get until you go to college.

Once, you earned your freedom the fun begins, alcohol, parties and the worth. Not everyone starts independence like that. Some young people are mature enough to know better, but must of us do it, at least a little. Then you go thru college making the best of it to get a good job when you finish. You graduate from the University, and you’re ready to take the world like a storm, but some get a good job, and others get a dead-end job that sucks the life out you. Long hours, low-income, lousy boss, few vacations days and you think that’s what life is going to be, and go into another depression, but doesn’t have to be like that. You can quit and move on to a better job or open your own business.

Cupid comes and shoots his arrow dead center like a sharpshooter your heart being the target. You get married, have children and do the same thing your parents did. You go down memory lane and understand why your folks did what you thought it was wrong. You realized being a parent isn’t that easy, and become a control freak. You could do better than your parents, but hey life nowadays is different. The internet is a good thing and a very bad thing for parents. Your kids can learn new and better things thru the net, but also bad things. They have access to pornography on the palm of the hand twenty-four seven and it’s a dangerous thing in the hand of an adolescent. They learn about the bees in the wrong place and could end off being a prey of one of those degenerates who go thru the web looking for innocent children. Now, your responsibility with your offspring is greater than your parents had thanks to the wide web.

Your children go to college, and the cycle of life begins once more. When the grandchildren come you’re a different person, and your grown children notice it. They said to themselves, “who the hell are those people.” They aren’t the same people I knew when I was growing. Somewhere along the way they change, and yes they treat your children different because is not their responsibility, It’s your responsibility to discipline them and take them thru the right path in life. Life is a beautiful thing, no matter the ups and downs. You just have to hold on to it ’till the end.

Author; Melito Santos

One thought on “Life

  1. Solid honest piece with good life observations. I’ve never been a bully, but I am a contrarian with my own viewpoint, which many people today confuse with bullying. Confronting for me is the quickest way to engage. I confronted my wife on our first date, and she understood immediately. She said it angered her but also got her thinking. I try to be as honest as you are on my blog, but I craft my life lessons as fiction to make them more general. Thank you for following.

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