The Hunters VS The Preys

forestThe man in the underground lair cry for help, but no-one could hear him.  He yelled all night long until exhaustion got hold of him.  He didn’t know how long has passed since the wicked beast knock him unconscious and drag him to that hell hole.  The stench was unbearable.  The putrefied smell of the previews victim’s bodies lingers in the small cavern.  He had a hard time breathing; a sunlight beam filtered thru a tiny hole and illuminate the cave.  He had to figure out how to escape from his captor before he returned. His arms were lacerated from the struggle he has done trying to lose his hands.  He saw a half-eaten man hanging on an ice pick and wonder if it was a beast or a man who trapped him. His dehydrated body reminds him how long he hasn’t drink water.  Shuffling feet make him aware of someone coming.  He pretended still blacked out.  He heard a growl and knew the creature has returned.

The thing walked around the dingy subterranean den torturing the man’s ear with his loud guttural roar.  The man quiver not out of fear, but from the cold, and the humidity of the dark place.  He tries not to move afraid of being slaughtered by the creature if he did.  He perceived someone other than the beast in the cave.  He took a quick peek; he saw a man strap to what it looks like a cross, but it wasn’t a cross, look more like an X.  The spread eagle guy started to come around and yell for help.  The beast slaps him so hard that almost rips his head off and knocks him out.  The creature looks to the man restrained on the grown.  He saw the beast turn and closed his eyes.  He didn’t want to attract the attention of the creature.  When he looked again found himself alone, then, realized he wasn’t.  The other kidnap man was there unconscious, but he had the same predicament, he had. They will be eaten by the beast.

The man strap to the woods crossed forming the X wake up and again call for help.  The man on the floor told him to shut up because the creature could hear him and come back to finish them. Who are you the man on grown ask,

“My name is Samuel Goodman,” the guy strap to the cross said.

“Hello, Samuel. I am Paul Rogers,” the other man said.

“How long have you been in here?”

“I don’t know. A day or two, it’s hard to say.”

“What that thing want with us?”

“I don’t have any idea, but I believe he wants us for dinner.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the stinking smell is from decaying flesh. Probably from the people he has eaten in this forsaken place.”

“We need to plan our escape. I don’t want to be anybody’s supper.”

“How you pretend to do that.  We can even move.”

“There is a piece of metal behind you try to reach it, that will help you cut the rope.”

“Shut up, pretend you still out, someone is coming.”

Samuel and Paul simulate being unconscious to deceive the creature. The hairy monster shake them to see if they were awake, but they stay still. Then went to a corner of the cave and fell asleep. Paul waited a few minutes until he was sure the thing was in a deep sleep. He reached and grabbed the metal piece. He begins to cut the rope while Samuel kept an eye on the beast. Scare of what the sleeping creature will do to him if he awakes and see him trying to get lost. Paul stopped when he heard a grumble. After a few minutes, he continues ’till he frees himself. Paul stands up slowly tiptoed to where Samuel was and start losing the straps holding him to the X structure. They exit the cave and found themselves face to face with a massive beast. Samuel throws a rock hitting the thing on the forehead. Paul told him to run. They ran thru the woods for about ten minutes and stopped near a clearing. He knocks out the creature with the rock. The female wake up with the commotion saw their preys gone ran to the entrance and saw her mate on the grown. She makes a thundering roar that scares the birds and the animals of the forest miles away. The two-man heard the beast and began to run once again.

“They will tear us apart if we get caught,” said Paul.

“We have to get to town as soon as possible,” said Samuel.

“Hurry up, they are getting closer.”

“I can’t run any faster. You go ahead and get help.”

“Common on the town is about two hundred meters that way.”

“I will catch up to you. Keep going.”

Paul reached the town, but Samuel didn’t make it. When he arrived at the wood-line near the village one of the creatures knocks him off his feet. They grab him and drag him back to the cave. He was going to be the main course of tonight feast. The Town’s residents heard about the beast from Paul; and realized why the city’s population was getting smaller. They gather at the edge of the small village facing the woods with all kind of weapon: machetes, shotgun, pistol, even ice pick and pickaxe. They light up the torches because it was getting dark, and went to kill the monsters and rescue, Samuel.

One of the villagers asks Paul to show them the way to the creature’s lair. He didn’t answer him right away because he was afraid. He gathered all the courage he could master and show them the route to the cave. Paul wasn’t a brave man, but he has to try to save Samuel. He felt guilty because he left him behind. They crept thru the forest. The villagers wanted to take the creatures by surprise but didn’t think about the burning torches.

The creatures saw them coming from miles away. The hunters hide in the bushes waiting for the brave prays to get near. The brawl will be to the death. The beasts have the advantage because they have the surprise factor on their side and were stronger. The prays outnumbered the hunters; that gives them the opportunity to come out on top. One of the beasts decapitated the man in front of the crowd with his sharpened claw. A villager shot him thru the chest, and the creature ran away fatally wounded. The other beast stalks the group from behind in the dark. Paul left the quarrel to free Samuel from captivity.

“Hi, Samuel let me remove this straps,” Paul said.

“Oh, my gosh, Paul. I thought I will be in the belly of those monsters by nightfall.” Samuel said.

“No worried those man-eater will die before dawn. The whole village is hunting them.”

“Thanks to you, I will live to see another day.”

“I am glad we got here on time.”

“Why do you say, we.”

If it weren’t for the town’s people, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Oh, OK.”

The other creature yielded to the villagers and ran thru the forest. The crowd searched the wooded area all night but didn’t find the monsters. They thought, at least we won’t lose anybody else to those hungry beasts. Paul and Samuel burned the cavern to prevent the return of the hungry creature.


Author; Melito Santos



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