Where the River Ends


“I went to where the river ends,” said Tom looking toward the horizon.

“What were you doing there?” asked Anna with a straight face.

“I heard you can see the mast of a sunken ship during low tide.”

“Why do you want to look for a ship in the open sea?”

“It might have a treasure in it.”

“If indeed have some kind of valuables in it. How are you going to get to the middle of the ocean? You old fool!”

“I don’t know. I will think of something.”

“That will be the day! You haven’t got a good idea in your whole life!”

“Woman, get off my case! If it is there! I will get it!”

“Yea, right, you don’t have a boat. Neither knows how to swim.”

“I am tired of being poor. It’s our opportunity to get ahead in this awful life.”

“Stop talking nonsense, we eat every day, have clothes on our back and a roof over our head.”

“Yea, but nothing else. I want to buy you nice things.”

“I am too old to become a widow. You should try it that when I was still young.”


“Well, for one thing. I am too old to get a new husband.”

“So, if I die.  Will you re-marry?”

“The next day if I can. Ji Ji Ji”

“After, all we have been thru, you will do that to me.”

“I won’t do anything to you, dummy. You will be dead.”

“Nevertheless, I wouldn’t do that to you if you die before me.”

“Well, forget about going back to where the river ends and I won’t have to re-marry.



Author; Melito Santos



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