The Thief

IMG_0098Tod waited outside the house for the help to leave for the day.  He saw the butler walked out of the mansion last.  Dressed in black clothes with a ski mask on he tiptoe thru the low-cut grass.  He broke a glass window went inside and disarm the alarm.  Tod move from one room to another looking for valuables.  He found a vault behind a paint hangs on the wall.  He unstraps the backpack from his back, put it on the floor, opened and pull out his trade tools.  In the darkroom, he used his little flashlight to see the number on the safe.  He places the stethoscope on the side of the vault to listen as he turns the knob.  He opened it.  Inside he found a million dollars in cash and jewels.  Excited he put everything in his backpack and left the house.

Mr. Thomas who own and live in the mansion have lost all his immediate family in a car accident.  He had a half-sister who he hasn’t seen since they were little.  He was all alone in this world, he was eighty years old, and his life was coming to an end.  He needs it to find his only living relative before he dies.  He entrusts the assignment of finding his half-sister to his friend and attorney, Mr. Steven.  The lawyer worked for Mr. Thomas for the last thirty-five years.  He was an honest, decent man who has a good relationship with his boss.  He had search for the where about of his employer sister for six months.  He found out his boss sister died giving birth to a baby boy who went into the social service system since he didn’t have someone to take care of him.

Tod learned his trade growing up in an orphanage.  He stole from the other boys in his temporary home.  Nobody adopted him, and he stays there until his eighteen birthday.  No one’s toys were safe from his grabby hands. He moved on to shoplifting, pick packed, car theft and graduated into a professional thief.  He was shy and kept to himself must of the time.  He went to live in the house for orphans since he was a toddler and didn’t know his family.  As a young boy, he dreamed of having his own home and family.  He didn’t have a college education, and the only way he knew how to earn a living was to steal.  Now, that he had the money, he will get his own place to call home.

The butler came early as always, found a broken window and the vault opened.  He calls the police to report the crime.  The investigator checked the surrounding for any clue of who committed the crime but didn’t find any to help clear the case.  They dusted the safe for print, but Tod was smart and used surgical gloves.  Mr. Thomas gave the police a list of all the items in his vault.  The insurance company had pictures of all the stolen jewels.  The cops ask the company to send them copies of the insured jewelry.  The detectives went to all the pawn shop, known stolen goods buyers and thieves to show them the pictures of the stolen jewels.  They found a diamond necklace belonging to Mr. Thomas in a pawn shop.  Tod’s face showed in the security camera pawning the jewelry.

The orphan boy dream came to an end went the police knock on his door and arrested him for larceny, breaking and entering.  After the proceeding, the judge sentenced him to ten years in state prison.  He was released to the free community on parole after five years in jail.  He had too lived in a halfway house and have a job to stay out of prison.  He found a position which he hated in a nearby supermarket.  It has been three years since he left the penitentiary and still stuck in the same worthless job.

Mr. Thomas lawyer found the where about of his nephew a week before he dies.  He had left all his state to his unknown relative.  The attorney walked into the supermarket looking for Tod.  The orphan was surprised when the lawyer address him, because; he didn’t know anybody outside his small circle of a co-worker.  The lawyer told him he has inherited a large sum of money and property from his late uncle.  He inherited the property and the money he had a stole and for which he spent five years in prison and still paying for to the society.

Author; Melito Santos


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