Moonless Psycho 4

sunset5I read on the newspapers that during the investigation on the murders of the Moonless Killer, that’s how the reporters called her, the police found in a hidden sub-basement at her house fifty crystal jar with male reproductive organs.  A final analysis revealed they were preserved in formalin; a substance used in the morgue to maintain human part for future investigation.  They had different size and colors.  The crime scene investigator came to a conclusion; she didn’t discriminate.  I went to every court proceeding of the trial that lasted a few months.  It was a formality since they had all the evidence needed to lock her up for life.  I felt pity for her; in one part of the long process came to light a history of abuse by her deceased husband.  Whom I presumed she killed.  He used to extinguish the cigarette on her flesh; a womanizer who treated her like a piece of trash.  No wonder she hated men so much.  Nonetheless, she murders innocent men and has to pay for it.  It didn’t matter to the jury what had happened to her in the past.  They found her guilty on fifty counts of murder in the first degree and sentenced her to live, her natural life, in prison.

I felt released to have her out of my life.  As I drove down south with my girlfriend, shocking news came over the radio.  “The Moonless Killer has escaped police custody,” a voice announces.  I looked at Samantha; her color left her face, her mouth wide open and tears run down her cheek.  Quivering she asks, “what are we going to do?  She will come after us, and we won’t probably see her coming.”  I didn’t know what to tell her to ease her fear.  So, I said, “Let us go west until we see the Pacific ocean.”  “Yes, she wouldn’t find us there!” She replied.  We left the North-South interstates (I-95) and head west on East-West interstate (I-10) to sunny California.  The long trip took us five days. We were sight seen along the way and have a good time.  We arrived at a small town near the ocean rent a small one bedroom apartment to start a new life.

I read the newspaper daily in search for news of Alice.  I know they had a manhunt ( a woman in her case) going on in the East for the Moonless Killer.  Interests me very much due to my participation in her arrest; for her to get caught, and she wants to put my equipment in a jar.  That’s another reason why I want her captured.  Samantha and I found jobs in the tourist industry.  She worked at a five-star hotel in the reservation office.  I gave scuba diving lesson to the guess at the same hotel.  We were adjusting to the fast pace of the west coast.  She decided to advance her education by taking night courses at a nearby college.  I watched the national news channel looking for a sign of Alicia where about, she was smart and soon or later will find us.

In the few months, we have lived in California Samantha looked confident.  She has gain muscle, but I don’t how.  I haven’t seen her doing any exercise.  I disregard the thought it was probably my imagination.  Since I didn’t find any clue in the National news, I turned my attention to the local news all over the Nation.  I search the internet for news coming from small towns and counties.  Along the (I-10) three men were found on the side of the highway with their eyes and tongue ripped out.  A disturbing thought came to me, what if she changes her modus operandi (MO).  She is punishing philanderer; to commit adultery they need their eyes to measure the prey, their tongue to convince them and of course the male organ to conclude the sin.  I shivered at the thought, but disregard it as my fear of her; playing with my head.

Samantha, without my knowledge, has called her mom back east.  I haven’t contacted my mother because I knew her phone was bugged for sure.  I have told my girlfriend not to get in touch with her family, but she didn’t listen.  I found this out later on.  I continue my quest for the missing psychopath, but the only thing I found were more crimes along the highway from the East to the West coast with the same (MO).  Samantha worried me, she came home with a sweat stench and smell of gunpowder on herself.  I ask her, “what’s that smell you have on?”  She answered, “nothing you have to worry about.”  She didn’t give me any explanation.  I didn’t want her to get mad at me. So, I didn’t insist on the matter.  Six months have passed since we arrived in California, and we were happy with our new life.

A marine biologist hired me to go with him to study the rift at night.  His purpose was to see how the sea creature does act at night on the ocean floor.  He was working on an article for a popular marine biologist magazine.  We spend the whole night looking at the rift habitat.  We finished at the break of dawn and went home.  When I got back, Samantha has left for work.  I shower, read a little and fell asleep.  I wake up tight to a chair with Alice staring at me. I said, “what the hell happen?  Where am I?   “we are here for the second and last round.” She replied.  “Ain’t you tire of coming after me!” I shouted.  “Not ’till I get my souvenir, you know wish one.” She said looking at my crotch.  “So, you were the one who kills all those men along the highway,” I said.  “yes, I did.  I have to change my (MO).  I didn’t want to get caught before I get a chance to see you again.” She said with a grin.  “you went to all that trouble for me.  How nice of you!” I told her.  “Enough talk,” she yells. She untied me and with a gun pointing at me told me to get on the bed.  She straps me to the dirty bed; pull my pant down and prepare to rip off my manhood.  When I heard a loud bang; her head explode into pieces.  I looked at the door, Samantha was standing there with a smoking pistol in her hand.  She was fearless, the woman I knew was gone.

She frees me from my bondage.  We called the police.  After the investigation of the incident, the Attorney General declared it was in self-defense.  I asked Samantha, “How do you know where I was?  When you get a gun?  Who are you and what did with my girlfriend? She laughed and said.  “I have taken surveillance, firearm, and self-defense classes at night.  I have surveillance cameras all over the apartment which I monitor from my tablet.  That’s how I know what happened.”  “Why you didn’t tell me?” I ask.  “I thought if I tell you; you would try to talk me out of it.” She said.  “How do you know she will come?” I asked her.  “I called my mother,” she laughed.   “So, I see the prey became a hunter,” I told Samantha.  She scares me, now she searches the newspaper for the serial killers who target woman.  She became a vigilante.  I separated from her because I was done with crazy chicks.  I need to have a quiet life.  She stays in California, and I returned to my home on the east coast.

Author; Melito Santos

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