Moonless Psycho 3

sunset5On my way to the north, I made a detour to an east coast mental retreat institution.  Instead of calling Samantha, I sent her an e-mail because Alice, as smart as she was, had probably intervened her phone. I wonder why I didn’t receive a reply From her but didn’t dwell on it.  In the couples of months, I spend in the institute.  I learned how to cope with my condition and became mentally stable and stronger.  My recurrent nightmare was diminished to a minimum.  I left the retreat feeling ready to take on Alice and the world.  I wasn’t afraid of her anymore.  I went to my seashore hometown on the Northeast.  My mother lets me stay at her house ’till I get my own place.  I felt secure now that I have returned home.  I knew Alice won’t dare to come back after what she did, or, at least that’s what I thought.

I sat in the corner of the park watching the birds flying around, and the dogs playing with each other, and a woman approached me.  She said, “Hello, Adam.  How was your retreat?” I looked at her and asks, “Do I know you?”  “You don’t remember me?”  She asks.  “Not, I have never seen you before,” I replied.  “Well, let me refresh your memory.  I told you, a while ago, that I had a crystal jar reserved for your little worm and nuts.”  She said.  I jump out of the bench and asks, “Alice, what the hell are you doing here?” She had plastic surgery done and looked different but her eyes still the same.  “You didn’t think for a moment my wrath won’t follow you home, do you!”  “I will call the cops right now,” I said.  She gave me a small coffer.  and she said to me,  “I thought you would try that, but first look inside the box.”  I looked, and a finger with an engagement ring on it; was inside.  “Where is she?”  I shouted. “That isn’t your concern; All you need to know is that she had one fingerless but otherwise okay, and you will do as I said.  If you want to see her alive, again.” She said. “You crazy bitch!  I am not afraid of you.  You will pay for that.” I said.  “What you have to do is meet me at my house at the end of the moon cycle.” She said.  “What about Alice?” I ask.  “I will let her go.  If you come to see me.” She said.

I have to rescue Samantha from her, but I didn’t know how.  I ask a friend to follow Alice every move. I hope he finds out where she had hidden her.  A few days have passed and not a single clue of Samantha where about. The deadline for our meeting was near.  I have a plan to deal with Alice, but it requires getting my girlfriend to safety first.  Finally, my friend found her in an abandoned building near the dock.  He waited for the crazy bitch to leave.  Then he went inside the place and got her out. He brought her to my mother house.  I saw Alice at my mother’s home; she looked terrible.  I ask her, “What happen?” She said, “That psycho friend of your waited in my apartment drugged me and threw me in the trunk of her car.  When I regain consciousness, my engagement ring was gone along with my finger and me tight to a chair in that filthy fabric.”  “I thought If I leave you behind she won’t come after you. I was wrong, and I am sorry.” I said.  “We need to call the police before she kills you,” Alice said. “No worry, I have an idea on how to deal with her,”  I said.

The next day, the moon has completed her monthly cycle.  Alice didn’t know I had taken Samantha to safety and waited for me at her home.  I walked into her house looked around, and found her dress like a prostitute.  That’s the way she attracts men to her web, but on my case, her purpose was to turn me on.  She can’t rip off my penis if it is flaccid.  She would have to try hard to get my little worm-like she called it, erect.  She said, “I am glad you came.  I don’t like to murder women.  You must love her very much to give your life for hers.”   “I didn’t come to talk.  Let’s get it over.”  I said. “Inpatient I see. Don’t you be anxious;  you will get what’s coming to you in due time.”  She said.  “Now, you’re going to kill me with your boring rhetoric or what?,”  I said trying to get her upset.  She ignores me and begins to caress me, kiss me and play the same way we used too before I found out her murderous behavior.  All she wants is my precious jewel as a trophy, but I won’t let her have it.  I concentrate my mind on something else while I wait for the opportunity to make my move.  She turns to get something out of her pulse.  I pulled out of my packet a syringe full of a somniferous compound and injected her on the neck.  She tries to scratch my face with her claw-like glove but couldn’t and fell on her face unconscious.

I colluded with the local police to take her down.  After, I went into her home the cops arrived quietly and waited outside.  While she tries to get me aroused, the law enforcement officials surrounded the house.  When they came inside, she waited asleep on the floor.  The officer handcuffs and drags her out and into a police car.  I went to tell my girlfriend about the events letting Alicia to her arrest.  We were talking when we heard a voice coming from the TV,  “breaking news the police had captured the moonless killer, more details at ten o’clock on the evening news.”  I went to visit her at the police station the next day.  She looked mad and said to me,  “Well played, but don’t you think for a minute, this jail will hold me forever.  You have a double debt to pay now, and I will be collecting them soon.”  I felt cocky and told her, “yea, yea, right.   You’re a crazy psycho and will end rotten in prison.” “She flipped a finger at me turn and went back to her cell.

Author; Melito Santos

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