Moonless Psycho 2

sunset5Six months have passed since the experience with Alice.  I can’t get the image of the man, she slaughtered in front of me, out of my head.  I have a recurrent nightmare in which I see myself running down the street naked, my reproductive organ ripped off; blood pouring out me onto the ground like a fountain.  I woke up in the middle of the night screaming sweat dripped onto the bed.  I saw a psychiatrist.  She gave me a diagnosis of (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Now, I have to take pills for depression and anxiety.  I have trouble meeting new girls, but I am going out with a beautiful childhood girlfriend.  She is helping me get over my terrible experience.  We are moving to Key West in the state of Florida.  She had a job offer in the tourist industry.  I am planning to work in a scuba diver school.  I hope the move help me get over Alice incident.

My fiance, Samantha, and I arrived in Key West on a Saturday afternoon.  We drove from our northern town to the warm water town of the South East; it took us two days to get there.  She looks happy; leaving the whole affair behind make her feel good.  She thought the best thing to forget what happened is not to talk about it.  We rented a little, but comfortable two bedroom apartment closed to the beach.  A friend of her father owned the place.  Since he needs someone to take care of it; she pays half of the usual amount until we get settle down.  I had scuba dive most of my life, and I found a job as an instructor.  She, on the other hand, had a job waiting for her.  We live happily in our new life until something happens and change everything.

One night I sat in a sports bar near my apartment complex waiting for Samantha to return from work.  I saw a blonde woman with sunglasses on; staring at me from across the room.  I try to remember where I have seen her before; nothing came to my mind.  I disregard the though and continue playing a game in my smartphone.  A few minutes later my fiancée arrived sat on a chair closed to me.  I greeted her,  “Hello, How work treated you today?” She said, “I had a lot of work too many tourists come down here during summer.  How the scuba diving business is doing?” She asks.  “I have a couple of clients early this morning.  I went fishing in the afternoon with someone I met at work.”  I replied and added, “I am going to said something to you, but don’t look right away ok.”  “Alright,” she said. “There is a woman on the other side of the room staring at us. Her face is familiar, but I can’t remember where I have seen her before.”  A couple of minutes later, Samantha looks at the woman.  The lady had taken off her sunglasses; she didn’t even blink, how rude I thought. We felt uncomfortable and left.

When I walked out the door; it hit me.  It was Alice wearing a disguise.  I couldn’t breathe, my heart stops for a second, and my leg felt like yellow.  Samantha asks, what happen?  What’s wrong?  I said, “nothing, let’s get out of here.  She said, “what do you mean nothing?  You are shivering and pale like a corpse.”  I walked as fast as could go; went home to get my anxiety medication to grab a double dose.  I gulp the pills with a glass of water.  I lay on my bed and fell asleep.  When I woke the next morning Samantha wasn’t in the apartment.  I called her cell phone, and she told me.  She went to work early because one of her co-workers was going to be late.  I had another anxiety tablet got dress and went to my job.

My boss told me a client had asked for me, and make an appointment for a scuba diving lesson.  When I saw the client; I soiled my underwear.  Alice walked thru the door with a broad smile.  I didn’t know what to do or say to her.  She said, “Hello, Adam, long time I don’t see you.  How are you doing?”   I was in shock didn’t know what to said.  I told her, “Leave before I call the police.”  She said, “Go ahead call them, and I will kidnap you, pretty girlfriend, and send you a piece of her every week.”  “Ok, what do you want from me? I ask.  “You betrayed me and have to pay for your deed.”  She said.  “If you are going to kill me; then get over with,”  I replied.  “That would be too easy, but I tell you what enjoy the time you have left on this earth.”  She said and added.  “I got a crystal jar with your name on it.  I will put your little worm and nuts in it.”  I told her, “You are a crazy bitch.”  She replied, “I know!  I have to cancel our section.  Tonight will be pitch black, and I have to prepare to go hunting.”  She walked away and let me standing there.  I fainted and fell to the floor.

I regain consciousness the next morning.  I had restraining straps on both hands.  I ask a nurse where I was, and she said in a psychiatry hospital.  The nurse told me; I acted violently and curse everybody at work.  My boss brought me in, and the personnel of the hospital has to restrain me to prevent me from hurting myself or others.  I don’t remember anything.  She gave me medication, and I fell asleep ’till late at night.  I woke up at about three o’clock in the morning.  The staff had change shift.  I saw Alice dressed as a nurse walked into the room.  I said to myself, “I am hallucinating ’cause the medicine, but I wasn’t.”  She whispers in my ear, “Hello, Adam. You must be pondering what I am doing here.  Well, let me tell you. This is my job.  I will be taking care of you ’till morning.”  I acted like if I were asleep.  She said, “I know you’re awake.  I saw your eyes open when I came in.”  I replied, ” Crazy as you’re; you probably feel at home in this place.”  She replied, “If you’re trying to upset me.  Don’t waste your time.  I am on medication too.  Soon or later you will feel my wrath, but not while you’re in here.”  I didn’t want to leave the hospital ’cause I feel safe there.  A couple of days later I left the sanatorium.

Samantha waited for me in front of the hospital to take me home.  I haven’t told her what had happened and she worried about my mental health.  “What’s the matter with you? Are you getting worst?” My girlfriend asks me.  “No, I ain’t. I have to tell you something.  Remember that night at the sports bar? I ask.  She said, “yes.”  “The woman watching us was Alice the one I talk to you about,” I said.  “You mean the psycho; that Alice!”  She said.  “Yes, that one. She came to visit me at work.” I said and added. Can you believe she works at the hospital too.”  “Did you call the police?”  She asks.  “Not, I can’t call the cops.  She threatened me with kidnapping you and send your body back to me one piece at a time weekly if I do.”  I told her. “What can we do to get rid of her?”  she asks me. “There is nothing we can do. The best thing is for you to stay here on the cape.  While I go back up north.” I said.  “I  won’t stay here without you.”  She said.  “Samantha she isn’t mad at you.  if I go, no harm will come to you.”  I said.  “She doesn’t scare me.”  She said.  “She is dangerous, and I don’t want you to get hurt,”  I said.  “Ok, I will stay here, but call me when you arrived home.”  She said.  “I call you when I get  there.”  I went to the bus station and left.

Author; Melito Santos

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