Moonless Psycho

sunset5The first time I saw her, she strolled thru the park with such grace my heart jump out of my chest.  What a beautiful creature I thought. She had short black hair, blue eyes, and a charming smile.  Later, She sat on a coffee shop having a cup of the black liquid.  I walked in perched on a corner ordered an iced coffee to watch her.  I didn’t stare, that’s rude. I want to know her; don’t scare her.  The crowded place makes it easy to go undetected.  So, I peek from time to time; waiting for the right moment to approach her and introduce myself.  She read a book deep in thought. My opportunity came when she left the shop letting behind a notebook on the table.  I got up grabbed the notepad ran to catch her.  “Hello miss, you forget this behind,” I told her. “Oh, thank you.” She replied and added.  “I would leave my head if it weren’t attached to my neck.”  “I am Adam. what’s your name?” I ask.   “My names is Alice.” She said. “Nice to meet you.  I saw you walking in the park earlier.   I haven’t seen you before.  Do you live here?”  I ask her.  It seems nosy but what can I do.  I want to know her, and the only way is to ask the source. “I moved to this beautiful seashore town two months ago.”  She said.   “What about you?” She asks me. “I had lived here all my life,” I replied.  “That’s wonderful. Can you show me around? She asks. “Yes, I would love too,” I replied.  I thought this is it, my chance to have a nice looking girlfriend.  “Ok, can I meet you in the coffee shop tomorrow at noon? She asks. “Alright, I will wait for you there,” I said.  “Well, I see you then,” she said and left.  I stood watching her stroll down the road.

Early Sunday morning, I got out of bed all excited.  “I will spend the afternoon showing the town to this gorgeous woman.” I thought.  I felt anxious.  So, I put on jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a black pair of shoes went to the park.  I sat on a bench looking the dogs play on the grass.  When the sun reached the highest point of his trajectory, I walked to the meeting place.  When I arrived, she had a cup of coffee on her hand and an iced coffee across the table.  It seems odd at the time, but I didn’t put too much attention to the fact; she knew what I liked.  “She probably asked the girl behind the counter what I usually drink.” I thought. “Hi, how are you?”  I asked. “I feel pretty good. What about you? She asks. “I am doing great,” I replied.  “I ordered a drink for you.  I hope you don’t mind.”  She said.  “Thank you,” I replied.  I didn’t ask her how she knows what I liked.  She didn’t seem to mind either.  So, I put the matter to the side.  Something bothers me; she wears a long sleeve sweater like the day before.   It isn’t weird unless it is a hot summer day.   I heard a voice in my head telling me, something dark lurked inside her.  I disregard my intuition and continue chatting.  Where would you like to go? I asked.  “I don’t know.  You grew up here.  show me the places you used to hang out.”  She replied.  I drove along the coastline to the harbor; Park near the lighthouse.  I grab a blanket from my car.  We walked the boardwalk to sit on the beach.  We sat in a corner closed to the water waves.

Few girls from the neighborhood came to greet me.  Alice treated them as a threat to her unknown plan.   I didn’t pick up the sign of her hid personality.  We went out for a few months before I realized she had a dark secret.  Every lunar cycle when the moon disappears from the night sky; she vanished along with it.   I tried to follow her one time, but she lost me in the dark.  I begin to suspect she had something to do with the disappearance of a couple of men during those darkest periods of time.  I ask her, “where did you go last night?”  She said, “I walked in the park.  I like to stroll thru the park to clear my mind.”   I knew she lied but didn’t pursue the matter.  When the cops drove close to us, she hid her face.  Another odd thing I missed.  I said to myself, “I will get to the bottom of this.”   The worse idea I ever had.  Now, that I think about it; after finding out what she did.

One day she invited me to her apartment, I sat in the living room facing her bedroom.  I saw my reflection in a mirror closed to her bed.  She asks me, “Do you want a drink?” I said, “Yes, do you have any kind of juice.”  She replied, “I have orange, grape, cranberry and lemon juice.”  “Orange juice is fine,”  I said.  “Tell me, how are you adjusting to this new environment?”  I ask.  “Now, that you ask me, I haven’t thought about it.  Since I moved, often it doesn’t bother me.”  She said.  She walked into her bedroom took her long sleeve sweater off.  I saw her image in the mirror.  She had burns mark all over her body.  It looks like someone used her as an ashtray. “No wonder she always had her body all covered up.”  I thought. She came out of the room. She asks me, “do you want to take a walk in the park?”  I said, “yes.”  I didn’t ask her about her marks.  It wasn’t none of my business.” I thought,  “That’s probably the darkness I saw in her.” The revelation of her true self-came later and the truth changed my life forever.

I did a search on the world-wide-web for any disappearance on a moonless night but didn’t come up with anything.   So, I bought online a night vision device.   I want to follow her on one of her escapades.  I hide in the bushes close to her apartment one of those nights.  I saw her coming out wearing a thin coat covering the rest of her clothes.  I walk behind her watching her every move from afar.  Once, she reached the edge of the park; took off her outer garment hid it in a bag under a bush.  Nothing prepared me for her depraved behavior.  She wore a sexy leather skirt with skin-tight blouse lo lure lustful men to their grave.  I learned that later on.  She walked thru the woods to the other side went into a nightclub.  I waited outside, in the dark, didn’t want her to notice me.

About an hour later, she came out holding hands with a young lad.  They walked to a nearby abandoned house or so, I thought.  I learned, later on, she had rented the place.  They went inside.  I sneak inside thru an open side door.  What I saw scared the socks out of me.  It still keeps up at night.  She got the man all excited took his clothes off lay him on a bed.  She kisses him play with his manhood, but all of a sudden with a claw-like glove; she rips off his reproductive organ.  He screamed in agony while she with a wicked grin watched him bled out.  I couldn’t move but didn’t make any noise.  I don’t want her aware of my presence.  I wait for her to leave the premise before searching the place for evidence of any other wrongdoing.  I found the lifeless bodies of the missing men in a ditch in the basement of the house. They all have their private part rip off.  I called the police.  They searched the place.  She had murdered five men; one for every month she lived in the town.  Somehow she found out I had discovered her crimes and left the city.

After the incident, the police release information about a serial killer targeting men along the east coast.  She had committed similar crimes in three other coastal cities.  The law enforcement agencies have kept the detail of the moonless killer off the press to prevent panic.  That makes it easy for her to attract the victim to their doom; but not anymore, men are aware of the danger to go out with an unknown woman.  The thing I will never know is why she didn’t make me one of her victims or why she let me be her friend.  Then I thought, “Oh, my gosh the iced coffee, she targeted me, but I make my move that’s what saved me.”  Luck I guess.


Author; Melito Santos

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