The Vindictive Entity

fire_nA cold wind send shivers up his spine, he felt to the ground quivering like a fish on the dirt.  His eyes wide open looking into space, a nasty odor comes out of his sweaty body.  The essence of fear spread like wildfire; his frightened face drained, of blood, scare the hell out him.  He observed his surrounding but didn’t see anything. Whatever entity tormenting him left the place as soon as it came.  Still afraid he moved through the woods toward the edge of the forest.  The noiseless environment makes him feel uneasy, and the flying bugs make his skin crawl.  He picks up the pace, but the clear at the end of the trail was farther with every step.  He fainted hitting the surface hard.  When he woke up; darkness covered the place.  Adjusting his sight to the obscure, he looks up for the stars, but there weren’t any.  He tried to move thru the pitch black wooded trail but couldn’t and sat to catch his breath.  He felt a malignant presence close to him, and all of a sudden his body started rocking from side to side urine stained his jeans.  The sulfur stench came back like the first time.  He floated five feet on the air before came crashing down on the dirt road and lost consciousness.  He recovered from the assault the smear on his pants proof something has happened.  Exhausted from the encounter, he laid on the footpath in a moonless night wondering what the hell this thing want with him.  “I refused to die here, alone.”  He said to himself.  So, he stands up walked ten meters toward the opening he saw during the day.  The sensation of someone or something following him didn’t disappear.  A chill breeze encircles his body; goosebumps cover him from head to toes; he couldn’t breathe and stop for a minute.  At dawn, he saw a dark figure coming toward him.  He thought it was a nightmare, but it wasn’t.  The apparition eyes; popped out of his socket; his hair looked on fire, his mouth wide open shows rotten, crooked teeth.  The man heart stopped beating for a second. Running wasn’t an option, so, he closed his eyes and lost himself in thoughts.

After what it seemed an eternity, he opened his eyes; the nasty spirit disappears in thin air.  He moves faster in the direction of the opening but the closer he got the farther it seems.  A thick mist surrounded him; make it impossible to see the clearing.  Shades of all size come into sight he saw scary faces with empty eyes socket looking at him.  He shivers so hard his splinter got loose, and he soils his pant.  He heard a pleading sound of help coming from the spirits.  He stood petrified on the spot; couldn’t move to save his life let alone help someone else.  The nasty funky smell came back, and the apparitions went up in smoke. The entity look into his eyes; he felt something burning inside but this time didn’t faint. Instead, he stared back at him not because he wasn’t afraid anymore, but because it was too late to run away.  He asks, “what the hell do you want from me?” A guttural sound came back saying, “your soul.” He felt cocky and replied, “you can’t have it.” He heard the harsh sound again saying.  “Then, I have to rip it off your corpse.”  The guy fainted.


Two men on their morning run found him in the middle of the trail. After, checking his vital signs and realized; he was unconscious but otherwise ok.  They improvised a stretcher with two pieces of woods and their sweaters; place the man on it and begin dragging him out of the forest.  Halfway down the road, the guy opened his eyes only to show the white part of them.  He drooled a light green liquid, and his hair turned white.  The runners dropped him like a bad habit and ran away.  Frightened, they went to the town church to see the priest; told him what happened.  The religious man asked them to take him where the body laid, but they refused to go there.  They drew him a map and went home.  The young father gathers a few churchgoers walked to where the body supposed to be, but all they found was the improvised gurney.  The five guys accompanying the cleric were eager to find out what happened to the man on the stretcher.  The priest divided the group into three pairs to look for the missing stranger.  They came from the South and didn’t see anybody.  So, one pair went North the others two moves to the East and West.  They perceived a putrified smell in the air but thought it must be a dead animal and continue walking in a different direction looking for the missing person.

A thick fog moved into the forest; you could see only inches all around. They heard a painful loud squeal coming deep within the wooded area. Following the scream, they move throughout the mist toward where the sound came.  A figured inside the haze made them stop.  It was the man described by the runner, but something was off.  He looked yellowish and almost translucent; his eyes were red like burning wood.  A thundering voice came out of him, “Go away; he is mine, go away before I eat your souls. ” The six of them dropped at the same time trembling and wailing on the ground. Whatever it was; grew larger and scarier. The priest grabs all the courage he could master and ask the spirit possessing the man, “what are you?  what do you want?”  The thing said, “who are you to question me?  I could eat your essence and leave the flesh and bones for the forest creatures.  Don’t you challenge me and go back to your church.”  The father didn’t back down and questioned it again, “I won’t leave until you tell me who are you and what have you done to that poor man?”  The thing opened his mouth, and a greenish liquid came out of it and covered the man from top to bottom.  The priest felt a burning sensation all over his body and dropped to his knees screaming.  The rest of the guy look around; realizing the thing had left got up pour water over the man’s body rinsing the green substance.  They accompany the priest to the church. He wasn’t going to give up.  The father instructed them to pick what he needed to exorcise the demon out of the man body.

Out of the six men, two were too scared to go back.  The four remaining men including the priest grabs a crucifix, holy water, rope to restrain the body while performing the ritual and a book with the written enchantment.  They walked throughout the forest looking for the specter possessing the man.  It wasn’t an easy task, but they were determined to cast out the spirit and gathers courage from the desired of doing a good deed.  The dissipated mist makes it easy to look around. They observed in all direction for a sign of the hijack body but nothing so far.  After walking for what it seemed an eternity; they stop on a break area to have a snack.  They had brought coffee, sandwiches and dried fruits.  The priest and his men talked for a while and ate aware of their surrounding; listening for a minimum sound and looking for any movement.  They finished eating and moved on. Walking down a path never seen before they heard a harsh voice, “why you came back? Do you dare to provoke me?”  They all looked to see whose speech they heard but didn’t see anybody.  The wind brought a nasty, hurtful smell to their nostril; a dense smog came creeping up on them.  They had experienced this scenario once before and knew what will happens next.  The four men stand back to back to cover three hundred and sixty degrees waiting for the possessed man to appear.  They were scared out of their socks but stood their ground.  A few minutes later the presence show himself.  The man looked worse than the first time; his putrified skin, sores and puss weren’t there before; he had lost his hair.  The priest grabs his bottle of holy water and pours some of the liquid on the decomposing body.  The spirit yelp in agony and left the body for a few minutes.

The guys pulled out the rope grab the poor man’s body and tied it to a nearby tree.  When the demon came back found himself restrain to the trunk.  The Wraith tried to free from his bind but couldn’t.  The guys were holding the string tied.  The priest opens the book with the enchantment and begins to recite the words while splashing the presence with holy water.  The spirit struggle more laborious to get loose and free himself grab one of the man head and rip it off his trunk. The other two guys didn’t lose their courage and tied him up again wrapping the rope around the body three times.  The father continues the ritual, but the more he read, the harder the spiritual being struggle. The tied up being called the captured soul to his rescue; the scary spirits with empty eyes socket came flying all around making the sound of the condemned.  The men didn’t step back an inch but keep trying to expel the evil thing from the man’s body. The entity yell in a  guttural voice, “I am Jarell, son of a demon whore, and I will turn your life upside down.”  The priest continues the ceremony ignoring him.  The possessed body distorts from the pain inflicted upon him.  The father spattered the demon with purified water while finishing the last verse of the expelling enchantment.  The wicked creature left the body disguised as black smoke went into the soil taking the slaved souls with him.

The evil being lost control of the man and he regains consciousness not remembering anything.  The priest explained to him what happen and walked him out of the forest.  The two other man carried their dead friend to properly bury him in the church cemetery.  That night the priest called the congregation to thank God for the strength given to him on the times of needs.  The decapitated’s man coffin was in the church. After, the lecture the church congregation gather to bury him in the cemetery.  At the graveyard, the man of God prayed for the soul of the fallen companion while the others lower the casket into the ground.  One of the men from the ritual felt and burst inside out on the churchyard; flesh, bones splinters, and brain matter covered the people around the coffin.  They scattered in all direction screaming in fear.  The priest saw the evildoers come out of the rupture man. An awful being with sharp teeth, crimson eyes, and open sores.  The demon said in his usual harsh voice, “I told you not to confront me.  Now you will pay for your audacity.”  Then, went into the man’s body; shake him from side to side; up and down and took him to the woods.  People talked about a decomposing body walks in the wooded area dress as a priest with sunken eyes and emanating a nasty sulfur odor which could leave you unconscious.

                                                                              Author; Melito Santos

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