Under The Burning Sun

cropped-img_00581.jpgThe blazing sun burns his skin, but he keeps walking looking for a place to rest and water to drink. He walks miles until in the distant saw a desert three. A few hours earlier he was forced by his men to walk thru the vast sandy plains. They accused him of stealing the loot collected from the dead bodies on the battlefield and the surrounding desert town. Gold, precious stones and money were part of the spoils. He had been beating within an inch of his life to get the truth, but he didn’t know who had it.


He almost dehydrated before he reached the shade of the tree.  Exhausted from his force travel throughout the burning sand he drops like a rock under the branches of the wood. After he rested for a while, pull out a knife hidden inside his clothes and dig thru the roots until water came up to the surface. Satisfied his thirst he falls asleep. He dreams about what happened to his supposed friends. He knew one of them betrayed him and kept the loot to himself blaming him for the disappearance of it. He woke up in the middle of the cold desert night hungry and scared.  Wolf could be heard in the distant. He shivered from the cold and stayed awake jumping at every move or sound. Sgt. Percy was all along in the middle of the vast desert fighting for his life. When the sunrise on the horizon he looks around, the creatures he heard during the night were gone.  Except for a scorpion trying to hide under the sand. He carefully picks him up and swallowed. He almost pukes but holds him and let slide down his throat. The nutrients were necessary for his survival. He planned to avenge himself from the man who did this to him.


Hydrated and rested he continue thru the desert; on the way, he found a lizard; made lunch out of him. He saw a camel caravan in the distant catch up to them and joined them. They were carrying sea salt to sell in the city. Those good Samaritan gave him water and food. He accompanies them until they reach a populated area. In the town, he looks for the near telephone called a friend for help and wait for him to come.  Sgt. Steven arrived a few hours later in a military vehicle. “What happened to you? he asked. “You don’t want to know.” He replied. “Yes, I do.” “Well, if you most know my people left me to die in the desert.” “Why.” “They thought I stole something from them.” “What did they think you stole?” “You already have to much information let leave at that.” “OK,” replied Sgt. Steven.  They drove back to the base. When the perpetrators saw him; went pale as if they were looking at a ghost. He gave them a wicked smile but kept walking to his tent.


Sgt. Percy watch them day and night waiting for the thief to make his move. The one who blames him for stealing the loot. Spc. Terney sneak out every night after everyone went to sleep. He returned in the morning before dawn. He wants to catch him on the act, but he was evasive. One night he went out but didn’t return at dawn. The sergeant looks for him all day until he found his lifeless body in a ditch. He had his throat cut from ear to ear. Nobody knew exactly what happens but it seems he sneak every night to search for the treasure bury somewhere in the sand. Whoever hides the stolen good found him nosing around and kill him. There were other three suspects left.


SSG. Brown went to pick his soldier from the ditch when he realized he had in his hand some kind of desert plant found only in a certain area of the desert. Possibly the area where the murderer found him looking for the missing contraband. Whoever killed him have the spoil hidden. The Sergeant took part in the plunder of the combat site. So, he needs to know who has the stolen good. If he wasn’t the thief. Who did it? There were two others who could have done it. Spc.Martinez or Pvt. Stone. The two sergeants were wrong. Martinez and Stone confabulated to keep the treasure to themselves but didn’t know how to get the loot out of the sandbox without been detected. Instead, they buried the container with the stolen good in the desert.

The time came to return home and they still haven’t figure out to get their treasure out of the country. They came to the decision to distribute the valuable objects thru the military vehicle. Two night prior to the departure they went into the desert to unbury the container. SSG. Brown and Sgt. Steven decided to leave what happens behind worked together to get to the bottom of it. They follow the thieves from afar waiting for the right moment. When they dug out the treasure the two sergeants came out weapons in hand and drop the treacherous bastard face down on the burning sand; strip them out their clothes and equipment.  Make the bastard walk the long desert march under the burning sun.


                                                                                          Author; Melito Santos



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