imagebase23_12A bully is a person insecure who prey on the weak because he feels superior due to his looks or strength. His popularity is like a speck of dust in the air that it goes by fast. He doesn’t live much behind in life, except the damage caused to another human being. Usually when he grow up turn into another loser.  The geek who is their favor prey turn to be superior in intellect lives useful life leaving knowledge and accomplishment behind for future generation. They are the heart and soul of the prosperity accomplish thru time by the human race. They leave behind technology, art, music, science, mathematic, and beauty in this world and history will recognize their effort. Those individual who during the years of formation of our youth look them down will perish in time and nothing but an empty grave will left behind. That will be the legacy of the wicked. Geeks don’t despair because the future is your keep your nose in the book and the reward will be great.


Author: Melito Santos

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