untitled-1-copyIf you are a mature man looking for love on a dating website, forget about it. You will probably get played. There are a lot of beautiful women all over the globe looking for older guys to rob them out of their life-savings. Young ladies pretend to be interested in you to get into your pocket or bank account. Places like Uganda, Ghana, Russia and the USA are full of them. Always with some kind of scheme to get your money. If you want someone in your life, unless you’re a millionaire, look for a woman you age; but be careful there are mature scammers too.

I lost my touch with women when I begin taking care of my elderly mother. She consumes most of my time but that’s alright. I love her and will be do anything to make her last years on earth as comfortable as possible. I register on an online dating site. There were a lot of young and older women interested in me. You know how we men are I went for the young one; at least for one of them. I am not saying they are all the same.  What I am trying to tell everyone is to be careful. I was naive. I mean, I am not an Adonis, don’t have a lot of money and on top of that, I am over fifty years old.

She sweet talk my ear or in this case chat my eyes beautifully. Telling me she looked all her life for a man like me. She had bad luck with a man and want a man who treats her with respect and honesty. I knew she was playing me; like a fool, I fell for it. I knew better but sometimes you see the sign and look the other way hoping it is a real thing. Guess what? most of the time it isn’t. Anyway, I was lucky only took me twenty-five dollar to find out. She supposedly has an exhibition to attend in the midwest of the United State. Once there, she wrote me that she forget to buy an Itunes card to download music and if I could do her a favor and get her one in Wal-Mart. It sounds strange since there are stores all over the states including Puerto Rico but I told myself she is testing me to see if I am a considerate man. So, I went bought the card wrote her the code number on the chat site but she asks me to send her a picture of the card. It was odd because once you enter the number in your account the card is worthless. That’s when I realize I have been played. A few days later it was confirmed. She asked me for money to complete her suppose project she has been working on.

The signs were there her profile showed her being from Michigan. When I chat with her she said that she was from New York but leave in California. I check the location on her cell phone in one of those searching sites and it was in NY. How can she be on the west coast and her phone on the east coast? Lol. If you are searching for love on a dating site there are companies who can help you find out where the person is, used them. Also, you could search for scammers in a register. There are registered scammers online.  Every day one of them is born so you may get lucky or don’t. Be careful in your search for love and be safe.

PD: That goes for women as well.

                                                                                                Author: Melito Santos

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