My Mom In The ER

object26-1096739170A few weeks ago my mother was in the emergency room of a nearby hospital. She is eighty-eight years old.  While we were waiting there another elderly woman came. She has a companion hired by her family,, I guess. The attending doctor asks her something I didn’t get to hear. She said to the doctor very loud, ” She loved to eat lobsters, crabs, and shrimps.” She said that probably because the old lady had a high cholesterol. I commend kind of loud from the other side of the room, “I know someone just like it.” Since my mother is like that she could eat crustaceans every day if I let her. My mom primary care doctor look at me and we both laugh a little loud I believe because everyone in the ER looks at us as if we were having a psychotic episode or something. He has been her doctor for decades. He now how much she like seafood especially crustaceans. The people in the place didn’t know what’s the joke was all about but we did. Sometimes you share something we someone that others don’t know about. So, don’t judge, not everything is about you.


                                                                                            Author: Melito Santos

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