Whom am I?

IMG_0939Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico few decade ago I learned a few thing about life. Like, life is short in order to live something behind for the world to know that you were here, once you are gone. So, the first thing I did after high school was to join the military. There I begin to live my mark on history. I served for eleven years went to the Persian Golf for Dessert Storm and left the service. Then I worked in a hospital  belong to the Veteran Administration in San Juan. I retired from the federal government in 2015.  I have always been a dreamer and used to create stories in my head but never put them on paper or in this case on the cyber space or computer. I had written few poems and short stories you can read on my site. My first language is Spanish but I love to write in English. So, I am learning on the go; how to be a better writer. I have a great imagination and stories some how come easily into my head. I am writing my first novel and hopefully get publish next year. In the meantime I keep writing short stories on my blog for people who love to read in this busy world we are living in, but have not time. You can read my stories in a short period of time. So, they are not time-consuming. I will continue writing for the people willing to read my work. If you find an error in my writing; remember what wrote before about where I come from and my first language. Thank you for you time.

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