Forbidden love

handsstarThe priest walked thru the church deep in though thinking how to deal with his heart desire and his devotion to God. He had a mutual platonic love with a nun. A pure love, the one that happen one’s in a life time. You can feel it in  the air when they were closed together. The congregation was aware of it. They wish them well. At night, he lied on his bed wondering how would be to spend the rest of his life with her raising a family. Sometime dawn found him awake thinking what to do with the situation he found himself in. The though of loosing her was unbearable. He has to make a decision between God and her. Hard thing to do because he wanted to be a priest since puberty.

On the other hand the nun want to leave the convent to marry him. She will alway serve God in another way because she was like him a devoted christian. They have to pick between being in the church as a full-time servant of the Almighty or as a loving couple who love him and will serve him don’t matter what. She asks the Superior nun of the convent for advised. She told her to follow her heart; God will understand, all he want is for his servant to be happy. Tell you priest how you feel about him. I am sure he will make the right decision.


The father tired of fighting his feeling went to his superior and told him how he felt about the nun. The Monsignor told him, “son you can serve God in many ways. All he ask of humanity is to follow his teaching to have a better life on earth and a place in heaven when the time come. They renounced their vows married and continue serving the Almighty with fervor. I don’t want to critic the Catholic Church but I think you could serve the church and  have a spouse at the same time. Sorry, IF I offended anyone is just a though.

                                                                                   Author: Melito Santos


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