IMG_0446A man walked thru life without any interest in the future.  committing all kind of crimes and abusing his fellow countrymen.  He had a bad temper and corpulence body to go with it. One night he enter a bar, ask to talk to the owner who was one of the baddest motherfucker in the neighborhood. when he came out the man took a twelve-inch blade he had hidden behind his back and cut his head clean of his shoulders. You could see the blood pouring out like it fountain. The people in the bar ran out scared to death the killer walked out of the door and disappear into the night carrying the head in his hands.

The homicide detectives and the scene crime investigator look through out the place looking for the missing head but it was gone. The perpetrator  took his head for who knows what obscure purpose. After the preliminary investigation the rest of the body was taken to the city morgue. There wasn’t a need for an autopsy since the cause of death was obvious. The witness of the crime didn’t want to talk to the police  afraid the head collector will come back and cut their off. That’s how the news people call him. He goes to towns around the country looking for criminals to cut their head. The innocent witness never said anything to the detective investigating the crimes didn’t want to attract the attention of the head cutter.


In a country side town was a bully who abused women, old people and children alike. One day he abused a nice old lady who live nearby got in trouble with the law. The local newspaper put his face in the front page. The TV news showed him beating the poor woman on the street recorded by a passerby on his cell phone. The head hunter saw it on the evening news got up his sit pick up the long blade knife. He got into his car to collect the bully’s head. He drove for four-hour to that small town register in a road side motel to wait for him to come out on bail. The man came out of jail on bail not knowing what was going to happen to him; went into a bar to celebrate that he wasn’t in jail.


The collector waited in his car until dusk. This time he didn’t go inside because the publicity he had this past few months. The bully came off the establishment walking in zig zag from his drunkenness. When he turn around the corner of the street the head cutter was there; the bully saw a bright light coming toward him, it was the reflection of the street light on the blade. It took one blow to chopped his head off. He collect his prize looks to see if anyone was watching, not that he care, no-one has dared to denounce him yet;  walked to his car and drove home. In a car parked in a dark street was the detective investigating the collector. He knew that soon or later the head cutter will come to get the bully’s head. He was the kind of victim of the perpetrator.


The cop didn’t stop him because he was curious about what the man do with the collected head. Instead, he follow him from a distant. The man had the head in a jar next to him; drove down the highway  to his home town. Once he got there walked out the car took the jar into the basement of his house put liquid in it. Put the head on top of a shelf went to bed and felt asleep from exhaustion. The police called the nearest police station for back up and the fiscal attorney for permission to go in.  when the reinforcement arrive with order to arrest the man and search the house. The swat team went inside quietly. The man who had a deep sleep didn’t hear a sound. The officers push him with the front of his weapon waking him up. When he opened his eyes found himself looking through the hole of a 12 inch shotgun. They put handcuffs on him got him off the bed into a police car.


The police searched the house from top to button looking for the missing head. One of the cop went inside the basement and almost have a heart attack. When he saw the shelves full of jars with heads in them and empty ones on the side ready to use. He called the scene crime investigation team they process the area found about a hundred head in the room. Looks he had a long run collecting heads. Some of the cops didn’t want to go see the scene, scare to have nightmare after that. One by one the jar were taken out put them in a police vehicle for transport to the nearest morgue with the purpose of returning the head to the respected body.

In the interrogation room at the police station the head cutter sat shackle to a table. Two detective enter the room sat in front of him and asks him, “why you commit those horrendous crimes?”  “I am on this earth to punish the evil doers in the name of God.” He answered. “How is that?” Asks the cop and add, “he talks to you.” ” Not he doesn’t but I know what has to be done to clean the land from the wicked.” “Oh ok, why do you keep the heads preserved in those vases?” asks the other interrogator. “I do it to keep them from doing bad things in the after life.” Said the collector. The cops look at each other and though this guy is out of his mind. “Well, that’s all for now.” the cop said.  They walked him to a prison cell; the corrupt cop in the station didn’t dare to look at the collector’s eyes.


He had a fast trial. The jury found him in less than an hour guilty of multiple first degree murders. The judge sentence him to life in prison without right of parole. He was taken to a maximum security jail where he will pay for his action. In the penal institution the prisoners were waiting for him. Some of their closest friend were victim of the head cutter. In a week he was stabbed to death and died.

He saw a bright light at the end of a tunnel walked down the corridor thinking he was going to heaven. When he got closer realize the splendor came from an intense fire in the devil’s lair where he will be punished for all eternity.  His punishment was according to the kind of crime he had committed. He will have his head cut off over and over forever. You can’t correct a wrong thing by doing another.

                                                                                           Author: Melito Santos

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