Deep within the woods

imagebase7_11On a foggy night, a full moon could be seen on the horizon; the howling of the wolf can be heard miles away.  A sinister sensation fills the surrounding.  The stench of  Putrefaction irritates the nostril of any person who ventures into that forsaken place.  The swampy area full of crocodiles and other creature of the marsh scared people away.  It was the type of place evildoers go to adored and worship Beelzebub.  A wooden house deep in the woods was used to make their evil sacrifices to his unclean Lord of the Underworld.  They were humans who lost their way thru time.  The descendant of those lost souls continues their wrong belief and ritual.  Every full moon cycle they capture an innocent man from the nearby town for their sacrifice ritual.  The population of the small city was declining, and people start to question their disappearance.

The worshipers draw with the bones of preview sacrifices a five-point star.  In the middle of the star was a stone table used for the ritual.  The member of the satanic cult dress in a black rope with the same star on the chest.  Tight down the drugged offering on the table.  During the ceremony, the high priest took a sharp knife, open the victim’s torso and remove the heart.  Once the blood pump was on his hand; a foul odor of sulfur and fire came from a hole in the ground, the king of damnation rose to collect his tribute. One time they couldn’t get a tribute.  He rose for his adoration gift.  He saw there wasn’t one.  He rips the high priest beating heart out and eats it while he watches.  Since them, the new high priest secured a victim for the event.

The priest from the town church has the idea of evildoers were responsible for the disappearance of the city folks.  He gathers ten healthy men from the congregation to search the swamp for proof.  They went into the forest during the day looking for a place where evil might be.  After, few days nothing was found.  The father knew the congregation’s men didn’t have knowledge on the subject at hand.  He began to train them on the evil sign and how to fight the beast.  They arm themselves with consecrated swords, knives, crucifixes, blessed oil, and holy water.  The men patrol the marsh every day, and nothing turns up.  One day closer to the full moon cycle a man from the chapel saw few people dress in black carrying a big bag.  He follows them from afar but keeping eyes in the dark figures until the arrived at a ritual site.  They open the bag, and he saw a city folk drugged inside, or it seems that way.  The man realizes it was the place they have looked for; he ran to the church to let the others know. 

The priest’s men gather the necessary equipment for the battle of good against evil.  The father told them to wait until an hour before midnight.  They sit around planning how to proceed when the fight started; no knowing who was the enemy.  On a table in the church, they sat to eat and pray before going to hunt the men from the marsh.  Still early to kill time a game of poker was played.  At ten o’clock they walked into the swamp slow and conceal with homemade camouflage.  They know the way to the ritual site.  So, they move carefully thru wet terrain; to catch them in the act.  They could see a dim light in the distant and went straight to it.  When the priest and his men got close to the place; they hide nearby to watch what the black rope figures were doing.  They were preparing a ceremony of some sort.   Hiding in the dark they waited to see what happen.

Members of the cult carried the man one of the churchgoers so earlier unconscious.  Unholy marks were drawn on his body in preparation for sacrifice and on his chest a five-point star.  They put him on a table in the center of the star made of humans bones. The group hiding in the bushes looked at them in silent to see the purpose of the ceremony.   Satanic chants can be heard coming from the men dressed in the black cloak.  Grabbing each other hands, they form a circular chain while singing the evil songs and moving from side to side in a trance.  Inside the circle, a man wears a red, black cape in a pointy hat and a dagger in his hand.  When the high priest raises his knife to open the victim; a flying blade hit him in the chest.  He looks at the blood pouring out the hole on his five-point star, with wide open eyes, he collapses on the ground.   The rumble began one of the priest man cut off the cult man in half with his sword.  The rest of the cult gets out of their stupor and grab picks fork to fight the intruders.  During the battle, body-less head flew thru the air, guys pierced with the fork and arms fewer corpses laying on the foul ground.

A hole opens on the fight site the stench of sulfur and putrefaction was unbearable.  Satan rose from the hole.  He has big curve horn, eyes lit up on fire, big claw, and a huge corpulence anatomy.  In a  harsh voice, he claims his tribute.  The demon worshiper felt on their knees and bow to the master.  The devil tries to get one of the priest’s men but they at once threw the holy oil on him.  He screamed in agony when the pure liquid landed on him.  His flesh burned with the oil; instead of a beating heart, he went down to hell in pain.  It didn’t kill him but for sure left a mark on his psychic.  His follower escapes through the swamp into woods and disappear.  The priest along with what was left of his man destroyed the altar and purified the place with holy water.  Then, pick the bodies of his dead people and took them to be buried in sacred ground.  The town inhabitants are always on the lookout in case the worshiper returned along with the unclean.

Author;  Melito Santos


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