fire_nThe unclean are always looking for fuel to keep his fire burning;  looking for a lesser mind to bring innocent soul to commit terrible sins against God.  Mark became one of those influenced by the underworld king.  He leads a group of, unaware of what lurks in the dark, young people throughout the path of perdition.  Joey, a devoted churchgoers teen, come to him for advice because he has mixed feeling about religion.  He told him that he has the right place to inducted the believer into the true religion.  Beelzebub’s puppet told Joey to bring the lost boys from the street to become God servant.  Youngsters came every day to the new-found solution to their problem.  Joey asks him when was going to be his time to go with the rest.  Mark told him soon. After his work of bringing in the lost soul of this world.  They came into the worshiper structure to never leave.  In the silent of the night if you get close enough a sizzling sound like burning wood along with a heartbreaking scream can be heard outside.  What it was nobody knows but something horrible happened inside.  One day he brought a group of young people and stay around for a while; when he saw a boy not older than the one he brought in; running out of the temple with his insides hanging out of his body.  Four masked people dress in black came from the inside and pull him in.  Joey scared to death ran away from that evil place.  His mind was full of question about what he has done.  “What have I done?” he thought.  He was clear of one thing; whatever happened in there was his responsibility.  He felt like it was his doing.

Joey needs to find what’s going on inside with all those adolescents he brought to the place.   He looks around the building for an entrance or a way to go in.  While searching the area, he found a ten by ten feet square and twelve feet deep hole.  The pit was full of decomposing human remain.   Joey found a ventilation vent; crawled inside.   What he saw was a grotesque Dante’s vision,  the room was full of tables with human bodies spread eagle onto of them.  The bodies were open the internal organs expose; the things are they were alive.

Mark; his mentor was giving orders to the new arrival.  They look as if the were in a trance; drugged.  They walked about like zombies but no aggressive like a real one.  Dressed in a hospital, orderly dress, they harvest the organs put them in a beach cooler and mark them with stickers to identify what part of the body was inside, for example, a heart sticker used for the part it represents.  Hiding in the air vent, Joey observed the whole process with wide eyes and nauseated.  He thought, “I will burn in hell.  I brought those kids to this inferno.”  The organs were sold to the best bitter.  The buyers knowing where the bodies came from were on their way to the fire pit of the Unclean as well.


 Satan, the evildoers, has Mark commit atrocities to gain soul to keep his fire burning.  He was clever.  The newcomers, while induced in drugs, were used to cut open the young one;  who had done that before to harvest other people organs.  In the end, they all were sinner destined to the fire pit of hell.  It was a good deal for the demon everyone loses.  Mephistopheles was the only winner.


Every time one of the guys inside dies his soul was put into the Devil’s fire in the center of the floor.  The sizzling and the scream can be heard outside.  The passerby hears the noise and the horrible sound of burning flesh, but they were afraid to investigate because there wasn’t smoke coming out.  The building has a sinister look who scare people away.  Night and day the soul burn in the fire, so the awful smell prevails in the area. 


Joey felt responsible for all those souls he brought to this God forsaken place.  He plans to do something about it.  Confront Mark was out of the question; he is the evildoers.  He decided to burn the whole place down.  They were sinners as well as he.  So, he was going to ensure nobody else falls in the scheme of Mark and his boss.  At midnight when all of them were asleep.  Joeys have a couple of five gallons can of gasoline with him.  Open the front door carefully not to be heard walked into the building and saturated the place with the gas.  He walked fifty feet from the door; light up a flare throw it inside, the building burst on fire.  He walked around did the same thing with the corpse in the pit.  He prayed for the soul sent to the road of perdition with his involuntary help.


The soul of the youngster burned that night inside the building went into the unclean fire pit except for Mark.  He was promoted to the evil’s army of soul hunter.  Their job was to induced human to commit horrendous crime and sins.  It was the only way to keep the fire going. Mark turned into a devil-like creature.  He belongs to Beelzebub for eternity. 


Joey recluses himself in a monastery to pray every day, not for his forgiveness but for the souls he helps sent to the inferno.  He decided to dedicate his life to fight Satan any way he could to prevent more innocent people from going to hell.  He has a red of informant who keep him informed or anything abnormal in the area to disrupt the Devils plan to collect more soul.  It was a way to compensate and not to redeem himself.  His name changed to the Guardian of the souls.


                                                                                                 Author: Melito Santos


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