sunset5The fog covers the valley on a moonless night; in the distant, a howling of a lonely wolf can be heard.  The big owl eyes on the branch of a tree can be seen waiting for a mouse to run looking for food on the ground below.  The scary sound of the night keep the Frightened people of the village away.  A seven feet tall creature walked the swampy terrain in the forest.  It has a curve backbone, hairy body, long claws, and a face like a monkey with a protruded beak.  When the horrible looking thing move thru dirt the only sound you hear was the creature feet and his growl.  In the darkness of the marsh, the animals close their eyes not to be discovered, and only a red inferno eyes could be seeing because everything was on the beast menu.


Six foolish men went into the forest to look for the creature which the legend, they had heard.  They brought provision for the night; water, dried meat, beans, hot coffee, and weapons.  You can see they were not expert because bringing flashlights to a place where the creatures have night vision, and you don’t is looking for trouble.  The guys walked in the forest hoping to catch the beast for the purpose to become famous. The people of the town were not in danger unless they venture into the woods in the dark.  The want to be hunters might end off being the prey; the monster saw them from afar.  They separated and form a line eight feet apart to cover more distant not knowing that looking for the creature wasn’t necessary.  The thing slashes the first one from the right shoulder to the left thigh, the cry of pain he made when the long claw penetrated his body and ripped him apart, alert the owls nearby and they flew away in panic.  He pulled his first prey of his hunt by his left leg and pulled him into his lair in the swamp.


The rest of them heard the sound their friend made when he has been torn apart and ran in the wrong direction going deeper into the forest.  The horrible thing went looking for them; now they have lost the courage and were desperate looking for a way out.  One of the popped up hunters was crying like a baby because he tries to chew more that he can handle.  The others were to scare to make a sound, but they were quivering like a bird in a cold, wet day.  A tight circle was made for protection, but it didn’t matter the creature was fast, can climb the trees and pick them from above.  They move together thru the forest looking for a way out of the woods.  The second one was grab by the head and disappeared into the dark.  This time he didn’t make a sound, so nobody knew; he was gone.  The creature was saving his food for a later day.  As soon the body was in the storage it returns for another.  The third one while he was taking a pee found himself looking at his beating heart in front of him.  The beast ran his claw thru his back ribs and ripped his body pump out of the body.  He tried to yell in panic, but nothing came out he was already dead.


The others called each other’s name and realized they were only three of them left.  Now they started running to the edge of the wooden area, a tall building can be seen in the distant over the trees.  The last one looks back and saw those red inferno eyes watching him close behind and pee on himself.  It didn’t do him any good, he looks again, but this time his body flew in the air and landed in two pieces.  He saw his leg far away from his body trunk before dying.  The other two run faster, but the beast kept following them close; it was not time to take his catch to the liar.  The last two got their courage back and stood their ground to fight the creature, but it was worse less, they were already dead.  The creature moved fast between the two and ripped both heads at the same time only their bodies were left to fight.  Two lifeless bodies standing to defends their life that wasn’t there anymore.  The ugly things belong to the devil’s gang; pick up his game and put them in the swamp pit for later.

                                                                  Author, Melito Santos        



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