Looking to score goes around for an unaware prey to come her way.  Innocent young ones’ walked about with big muscle to show his vain. Naive as they are easy prey to catch; to made him her sex slave.  Once she is done; dropped him like it hot and keep on going for the next one.

To the gym, they go to make their bodies hard as a rock to attract a victim to her side and turn with lust his life upside down.  Maybe a teenage boy who hasn’t has his first experience with the opposite sex.  Full of desire, and his groin full of juice an easy prey for the lovely beast.

Around, around and about the beauty goes to find his next hot rod.  In the shopping mall dress to kill, she goes showing up her tight body to all.  She waits for a prey to get close and in slow motion bring him down.  The youngster is caught between his faithfulness and lust.

A body to die for; is the bait to get hooked up the beautiful fish.  Pull him out take it home getting hot; before the lesson start.  Since the beauty and not the beast the society called her a cougar.  When is a male is nothing but dirty old men.  They are both the same, but she is the beauty and his the beast.

                                                                        Author, Melito Santos



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