nature-_3_Between the sheets, the lovers meet,

promising eternal love that it won,t be.

In the passion of the moment; bodies in heat.

Empty promise: are made under the sheets.


Young lover are so naive that believe anything,

while they are on the bed pleasuring each other,

under the moisture sheets from, they love making,

below a cloudless sky: moon lighting up the night.


Days of fast living times: not good for long lasting love.

Working from dawn ’till dusk; keep partners apart;

 office wolf comes in between and ruin; relationships.

Be aware because cougars, wolves; are on the prowl. 


When a promise is made; have to be done in a cool head

the life together begins when you live in the same place.

Difference amongst the two comes to light; you have to

meet half way for a promise of eternal love takes its toll.


                                                           Author, Melito Santos




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