imagebase3_43On a rock close to the lake the lovers look at the moon,

a promise of love beyond the grave they made on the stone.

On a clear summer night, you see the stars dancing in the sky at the

 cadence of a delightful music played by the creatures of the dark.

The sweethearts intertwine in a sensual kiss, and their bodies became

one soul entangle under the moonlight; witnessed by the dancing stars.

A romantic melody played by the frog, the crickets, and other insects

and amphibious complement the romantic scene in the lagoon.


The commotion wakes up a turtle sleeping nearby; she came out of her

shell to see who were making all that combination of sound and saw, up

on top of the rock what caused the disturbance that cut his rest short.

The snapper look at the two bodies looking like one and said that’s love.

Young love so naive making promises that they can’t keep; for more

reason that can’t foreseen.  Beyond their control forces come to cut

short their tender love.  That won’t reach the grave yard soon.

Life has a way to change the future we propose for reasons unknown.   

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