It seems like I was away for a long time, but, I have returned.  I went to Costa Rica for a dental procedure and on holidays. Since the dental industry in the United States and Puerto Rico have become so expensive, I decided to go there to repair my teeth.  I have my molars mercury filling remove and replaced with zirconia.  Now they look white like the rest of my teeth.  A crown that I lost was replaced, and an inlay was used to fix a broken molar.  Then, I have four zirconia implants done to replaced missing pieces.  I paid less that would it pay in the island of PR or USA.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America between to ocean; the Pacific on one side and the Atlantic in the other.  It’s full of wild life, amazing flora, volcanoes, and rivers for the enjoyment of the whole family.  The capital San Jose is full of wonderful people from the mix of the Native indigenous, African and European who colonized the land.  It is rich in history and culture.  The National Museum, the Gold Museum, and the Pre-Columbian museum in the city of San Jose have a lot of history and artifact belong to ages past.  Those are places to visit if you want to learn the culture of this great country.  There is the Museum of History in the town of Alajuela about thirty minute from the capital.

If you are the more adventurer type there you could go to the beach in the Pacific Ocean but be careful with you food the monkeys and raccoons will steal it.  The blue clear water beaches with soft sand are perfect for an afternoon of sun bath and a good swim in salty water.  To get to the beach you have to go thru a forest where you can see sloth bears, birds, lizards and a diversity of fauna.  Once you get to the coast you breath is taken away by the view in front of you. It is a gorgeous place to see and appreciate before going to the sand and the sea.


Then, you could go on a tour to the volcanoes, the forest, navigate a river on a kayak or birds watching.  The entertainment is for the whole family. If you have the opportunity to go there; I recommend it you won’t regret it.  I know this places are amazing because the people who went told me about it.  I didn’t get the time to go because of my dental appointment but I am going back in six month and those tours are on my agenda.  Also, there is the restaurant Ram Luna which is over 2,000 meters above sea level where you can see the urban area below.  If you go take warm clothes don’t be fooled by the Central America warm weather myth.  Back to the restaurant you will enjoy typical food, music, and dance; along with all the spirit juice you can drink.  A night to remember like the song of Shalamar. 

The local people call “tico” are wonderful; very helpful and friendly.   In the hotel I stayed called “EL AUTENTICO” will treat you like family and is closed to the Paseo Colon; the principal road of San Jose where are all the stores and local market.  I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all the people who make feel at home in the hotel.     


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