nature010-322336565The storm got stronger by the minute Louis has closed all the window, the doors, and was going up to check the attic.  When the electricity went off; it got dark, he got a flashlight and continued up the stairs to the top.   He closed the attic window and came down to the living room where everyone was gathering.   The neighbors around the small sea town came to his home since it was the most secured.   It was a fortress again this kind of nature phenomena.   The population of the village was small about thirty soul total.   Most of them live out of the fruits of the unpredictable sea.   They knew each other, but it was like a dysfunctional family spying and talking about each other.   Camille was preparing chicken soup for everybody with the help of Susan her close friend and next door neighbor.   Louis married Camille a few years back and brought her to live on the island where his uncle who passed away last year; raised him.  She didn’t like it there at the beginning, but get used to the place.  Camille grew up in a crowded city with a lot of people around; so it took some time to adjust to the way of life in the small place.  While she was preparing the meal; he was lighting up the chimney and couple of candles.  Susan husband; Roger, the storyteller of the village, was in the middle of one of his sea adventure stories, half of the tell were a product of his imagination and the other part came from the experience he had.  He stopped when they served dinner and will continue after coffee and dessert.


In the meantime, the water was pouring down hard, and the sea was pounding against the coastline.  You could see the fishing boat dancing like marionettes close to the dock.  They all finished eating and sit around to listen to the storyteller.  He continues to tell the story about a Delfin defending his father against a Shark.  He said. ” It was an early morning when the sea turns violent; my dad felt off the small vessel, and a shark near him came to take a bite, but out of nowhere appear a Delfin who dive under the water and hit the shark on the belly hard.  He hit it so hard that he came up two feet out the water.  His father was so scared that almost drown, but kept trying to get in the boat.  The shark has recuperated try to attack his father again; the Delfin hit the monster once more time on the side.  I was worried about my dad safety that I got my dad pistol out; a .45 cal. Pistol, and shot the shark between the eyes.  His father finally got in the boat on time because other sharks smell the blood in the water and came for the prey.  Then he said.  “That’s how my father survives a shark attack.”   It’s credible one of the guys told the man beside him, and both laughed.

The women stay in the kitchen talking about how beautiful she decorated the house.  The walls have painted the color of the ocean; a green blueish color that makes the cottage look like the sea. They have art figure from renown artist on the tables and nice painting on the walls.  They imported the floor tiles from Europe; she bragged about it.  The others who like to gossip were chatting quietly in the corner of the kitchen.  They said that if she was such a lady why she was sleeping with her best friend husband. Susan who was on the far side of the large kitchen; smile to them unaware of what they were talking.  One of them said that when Louis went to work early in the morning; Roger tiptoe to his house and sneak in through the side door.  An hour later he comes out fresh and humorous.   One of gossip lady said.  “His wife doing all the chore at home and taking care of his two sons and her husband sleeping around!”  ” He is a ruined bastard.” the other friend said and continue. ” Camille’s husband working from dawn until dusk and her scratching that bean between her legs with no other than her best friend husband.”


The storm finally moves on; leaving behind chaos and destruction.  Some vessel were upside down; debris all over the place, it was a mess.  Some houses have lost their roof and windows.  Immediately they begin to clean up and fix the houses to get the town running.  In couple days the village was back on their feet and life went back to normal.  The fishers went back to the ocean to make a living.  Their wife back to do the household chore and to spy on thy neighbor.   In the evening back to their favor hobby talk about each other behind their back.

Nothing change, after the storm Louis went back to his business in the village only store and her wife to the morning meeting with Roger.  Susan begins to suspect because every morning was something broken in her friend house.  One day was the toilet plumbing clogged, other the electricity, or something that needs to be fixed.  He was her handyman, but she didn’t know what kind of work he did.  Camille husband didn’t know what was going on in his house between Roger and his wife; like always the partner is the last one to know.  Early one morning Louis left to the store as always; Roger was around the corner waiting for him to leave.  Then he got inside where Camille was wearing a red negligee ready for action.  They didn’t know that Susan was hiding behind a bush watching.  After they got inside; she enters quietly to spy on them.   She got a surprised and came out crying, but kept it to herself while she processes what was happening.

She saw Louis returning from work and call him.  They went to her home and talked a little about how everything was in the shop.  He didn’t know what to think they never have a conversation like that before.  She didn’t know where to begin. So she said.   ” You adulterous wife is sleeping with my traitorous husband!”   He tries to say something but couldn’t talk.  The whole thing got him by surprise; for a moment he lost his breath but compose himself quick.  He asks her  “How do you know?”She replied.  ” I have my suspicion for a while, but I wasn’t sure until this morning.  I saw them having sex in your bed.”  ” What; in my bed?” He asks angrily. ” Yes in your bed.”  She told him.   He thought for a moment and decided how to proceed.  They were gone act natural like nothing happens; wait until the next morning;  go to work and then return to catch them in the act.


Early in the morning he got out of bed, shower and prepare himself to go to the store as always.  He had a cup of coffee; kiss his wife who stayed in bed every morning when he leaves.  Close to the house Roger hide in the palm trees waiting for his time to go inside.  He didn’t know that his wife was up; waiting for Louis to come for her.  As soon the coast was clear he went inside to found his lover in a nice pair of panties and bra.  They got into the bed and began kissing and caressing.  Susan opens her door for Louis after he acts like going to work and turn around.  They plan the approach to the last detail.  He told her. “Come on let see what this two unfaithful bastard are doing.” She answers. “Ok.” Louis and Susan got into the house went up to the second floor continue in absolute silent to the bedroom.  He had a metal bar to scare him, and she had a recorder camera to get them on tape.  They heard moaning, rapid heavy breathing and a bouncing noise coming out of the bedroom.



Both of them jump at the same time into the room; turn on the light and caught them naked in an embraced making passional sex.  Roger and Camille were surprised, her eyes almost came out her eyes socket, and he jumps out of bed.  Their skin turned pale like a corpse and was trembling scared out their mind.  Their respecting spouse didn’t make a sound; recorded them and Louis makes a sudden movement as if he were going to hit him to see his reaction.  Roger felt on the floor asking for forgiveness.  Louis laughed out loud and let the metal bar onto the floor.   Let them get dressed and told her and him to leave and to never come back.   The whole town knew what was gone happen that morning.  So, everybody got up early and wait around to see the show.  When the two lovers came outside a crowd of people were looking at them.  It turns out to be the walk of shame all the way to the dock.  They got on a boat and disappeared in the horizon.

                                                                          Author; Melito Santos

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