imagebase3_47Never being married due to a God giving; assignment.  Do not have any children because wasn’t one of his priorities during better times; when he still have sex appeal.  He still has sex drive and woman still look at him with interest.   The duty assign to him hasn’t ended, but he wants to be love.   To have a lady to love and to make of two bodies one soul.   Find a partner to feel mutual love; before the fat lady sing and the curtain comes down.   He yearn for a woman touch and a warm body to have close to his in cold night; make love to the break of dawn, not to have sex but passionate love.   Feel the hot air of her on his face while they both are catching their breath.   Sleep in each other arms until the sun goes to hide in the horizon.   Have a weekend of lovemaking until exhaustion takes his toll.  That thought was always on his mind.  


He wants what everybody has a loving woman to share his life; long walks along the beach, watch a movie, and all those silly things that husband take for granted.  Spend a day in bed just talking and hugging no sex,  a time to synchronize our bodies and minds.  Like integrate each other soul; to know what the other want without asking.  Take her camping deep in the woods where nobody bothers us.  Make love under a full moon, listen to the night creatures of the forest, and sit around a fire pit to get warm.  Sound cheese, but he thought it will be fun to have someone to do all those things.


One day he was sitting in a coffee shop reading a newspaper, and a beautiful woman asks him if she can sit at the same table he was. He said, “yes of course.” begin a casual conversation about little things of life.  She asks. ” would you like to go for a walk.” He said. “yes.”  They took a walk to a nearby passive park.   Sat on a bench and one thing let to another, and they were kissing and hugging.  They had dated for few month before the sexual intercourse begin.  He remembers they were on a couch; a prolonged kiss wakes the sexual beast in him and before they knew it.  They were engaged in a hot sexual intercourse.  He leaks all her body and caresses her all over.  She was moaning, the pleasure she was feeling was incredible.  She was breathing rapidly, all the accumulated desired exploded and her body contorted of satisfaction.  He has a fantastic orgasm and felt or wet.  Then he woke up was only a dream; a wet dream.



                                                 Author, Melito Santos

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