Near the river inside the Bush the predators 

wait for the prey to get close.

The deer, nervous creature, to the edge,

come down to drink well aware of the danger. 



The crocodile is wise; under the water only his eyes

afloat you can see, and wait for an unaware soul come near him.

Once the thirsty animal comes close, he jumps out; that’s it for him.

He waits few days for his meal to be ready to eat. 



Well above; up in the cloud the eagle hide  looking for a rabbit or a turtle

for him to feast then take some of the meat for his young one to feed.

The eagle young ones are in the nest fighting each other for the right to live.

 The brawl is to the death; the parents let them fight until the end.



That’s the law of the land; the stronger survive and the weak don’t have

a chance.  Either way the hunter and prey run for their life; one have to eat

to stay alive and the other don’t want to be eaten alive.  So, both have to

hide one to get the other by surprise; the other for not be surprised.


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