Throughout the centuries, the name of God has been used to commit the most horrendous crimes.   From the crusade to the Spanish Inquisition, to the wish hunts, to the abused the representative of the church did with the native of the new world and the free African, enslave by the European to work on their plantation, to convert them to the Christian faith.   The three inquisition were made to judge free thinkers, converted Jewish or muslin, or any other human who honor God in any way that wasn’t the Catholic Church.  Yes, there were the Medieval, the Spanish, and the Mexican Inquisition.   They torture, persecute and burned a lot of human being in the name of the church; not in the name of God, because he is Love and Compassion.   He punishes the sinners, not in this life but the next; I know about Sodoma and Gomorra and another thing that has happened in the past.  Since them, nothing has happened.  It’s writing in the Christian Bible that all not repentant sinners will be judged on judgment day.  So, why the hierarchy of the Catholic Church wanted to take God work in their hand.


I am a Christian without a church; I prayed in my room, try to follow Jesus Chris teaching but like any human sometimes I failed.   That doesn’t make me a bad person.   Some people used religion as a lucrative business; those are real sinners but who am I to judge them.   God will take care of that when the time comes.  I believe there is a supreme being watching over us; I have felt it.  It doesn’t matter what name you have for him: Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Alla, Buddha, or Krishna.   Everyone has the right to adore him anyway they want, but nobody has to make by force another human to serve God his way.


The roots of most of the fighting in the world are religion.  It isn’t about the force that holds and moves the whole universe.  The reason is that few wants to control the rest of earth population thru the used of terrorism, fear, and dominating the lesser mind.   Some had half of their population in a sort of slave status and lesser human value of their counterpart.  I don’t believe that was God intention for half of his children.  We supposed to be equal as a human being that’s my personal opinion.  We as an inhabitant of planet earth has to respect everybody else ways of life.  We have the God giving right to honor and adore him they way we want; and not the manner imposed by anyone.  Like I said before; I do not belong to any Christian denomination.  I believe in him and honor and adore him in my own way.   When we begin to learn how to live in harmony and respect each other right to choose his own belief.   A better world can be accomplished by letting people choose their own religion and way of life unless humans right are being violated.  That is my humble opinion.  God bless you all.





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