There is an introvert individual deep within him.  Who suffers quietly for lack of the ability to talk; when it come to ladies, he freezes in place.  He can’t distinguish a flirt from a warm touch.  The ambiguity of woman confuse him; they act one way, but the meaning is a different thing.  He can lose her as a friend is he misinterpreted the signals.  That’s why he keep the distant and treat them like friends.  They need to let him know what she wants because he can be lost in the translation.  Now a day there is unclear feeling between the gender.  Woman want a male friend who she can talk about her opposite sex.  That’s when the sons of Mars get mix feeling about the daughters of Venus.  It’s so strange that friend passes a lifetime loving each other without any of them taking the first step.  The best thing in a couple is to be friends, lovers, and husband and wife.  When they found out,  it’s too late they are married have families on their own.

There is the extrovert part which talks to everyone and feels so confident.  As long is not a woman involve he is fine.  Chat with all the girl around and is the center of the party but leave along at the end of the festivities.  His shyness prevent him from taking a woman home.  Unless the woman takes the initiative; when that happen, he turns into a tiger because the hard part is to break the ice.  All its matter is that first step; after that everything is fine.  The problem is that he always end up with the wrong woman.  At the end of the road, he stands alone.  The paradox of confident and insecurity made him look like two persons leaving in the same house.      

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