Thru light or darkness is the path that all human has to pass; to get to the other side.   Some walk slowly other fast depend on where they have to go. Up or down people go for what they did in this life.   All religion claim to be the chosen one but at the end, you stand alone for judgment day.   Be careful who you follow; there are wolves disguised as sheep among the pastors of the herd.   Some offer seventy-three virgin to do the wrong thing in the name of God, but he is peace and love for all.   In the name of him to many crimes have been done and a lot of believers down the drain have gone.  False prophet all around making many downfalls.

How delightful will it be to see your family and friends who part the earth before you did?   Dress in the purest white you ever see; singing song in unity all as one in harmony.   No more sorrow, no more pain, all the suffering left behind to leave peacefully in paradise.   What a day it will be when all God created creature live in peace.

Be careful because the evil one is around making promise to take you down to an obscure place down below.   Where the suffering will begin to last all eternity, calamities you will face for all evil deeds in life you did.   You are on time to repent before you burn in a lasting fire in a pit.   While the unclean laugh at you for being too naive to believed in him.

Whatever you do in this life; measure is in favor of humanity; no be greed, no be abusive, do not steal primarily from the need it, and above all do not abuse of woman, children or the elderly because if you do.  The fire of hell will torture you until creation end.

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