225-copyA caterpillar crawl thru the branch of a tree looking for a place to rest or sleep.  People passed close and said how ugly it is.  Then it turns into a cocoon; for a while stay warm inside; a transformation is taking place away from noisy curious eyes.  Something is moving from inside nobody knows what gone a comes out; a butterfly spread her wings to show her abstract design.  She fly’s around showing her beauty to the curious eyes.  Now in admiration’s, they said how enchanting the caterpillar turn out to be.

In the Fall the trees and bushes, like the Phoenix begin to die, lose theirs Leafs and naked; the winter passed.  How could it be that without a coat it can survive until Spring?  The forest looks melancholic in his Winter gown make of snow.  The warm weather slowly is coming to melt the snow.  The green leafs comes to dress up the bare trees announcing that the Spring has come.   An awful view soon turns into a paradise the smell of the flowers with difference fragrances impregnate the air.  The various colors of green and the magnificent view of the flowers with their bright, perfumed colors.  It’s landscape to see.

There is beauty in the most simple thing in life.  When the sun comes up with it splendor in the east on the horizon and goes down at dusk with the dark orange color in the west is nature creating beauty.  So is a full moon when is closed to earth.  The bright yellowish white color of the moon is a thing to see during the night when the sun reflects all his light on it to warm her up.   Like a lover embrace his lady in the coldest night.  Beauty exists in the simplest thing of life.

When you go on a trip; look you surrounding because there is so much beauty that you miss with all the thing that are in your head.  Take a break from you thought clear your head and enjoys what nature have to offer.  The mountain, the valleys, the waterfalls, the desert, the jungle are some of the beautiful things this Planet has to offer.  The travel of the river thru the mountains and valleys to the sea giving life along the way to the cute birds and others creature of the land. Every little thing in life has its beauty; look for the cuteness of life.

Author, Melito Santos

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