image00052Mar y Sol it’s was my mate; make my heart jump with joy every time she got too close.   At night in my sleep I dream of her; how would be to kiss her lip.  How many time I practice my rap to end up with a nerve breakdown; before she got too close.  Shyness keeps me away from the desire of my heart.  If I don’t talk, how she will know that I die for her; every night.  Her blue eyes the color of the sea make me fly like a leaf in the wind to a beautiful world that I only can see.  When we get close the contrast is evident; soft Ivory again smoothes ebony skin.  What a wonderful thing.  To God, I implore to let me speak, but into a deaf ear, my prayer falls asleep.  When I walk to get transport to the school and feel my heart jump; for sure she on the bus.  I know she is my soul mate so tomorrow; I talk to her. We are like the moon she faces the sun, and I face away, but together we will be for eternity.

                                                                         Author; Melito Santos

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