fire_nAt night, dark shadows lurk in the woods near the town.  Some said they are spirits of a distant past.  Looking for the one’s who escaped certain death and are walking among the living; defying death.  During the dark ages, a group of obscure magic worshiper made a pact to live eternally.  Satan gives them the gift of eternal life in exchange for the soul of their living relative.  So, they called all theirs family members to dance in a huge ballroom and set the place on fire after they lock all doors.  They didn’t count on the good deeds the people burning inside have done in their life.  While the dancing saloon was blazing; they implore God to give them the opportunity to redeem themselves by bringing the wrongdoer to justice.  God took the soul away from the Devil because they didn’t belong to the pact doer to give.  They were set free in the forest to look for the one’s who cheated death and make them pay for their sins.


The king of darkness wasn’t happy with; how the pact turned up.  So, he gave them another way to pay their debt to him.  They have to make sinners as many human as they could or go back to hell.   Humankind has always been weak for the pleasures this world have to offer.  So, it wasn’t hard to make them sinners.  The inferno’s path is paved with things that look innocent; like the love for the flesh make them engaged in orgies, adultery, desire for others married human.  The love for gold makes them steal, cheat others out their gold, murders, and commit a lot of other sins on their way to doom and the eternal fire of hell.

Hiding in the shadows of the woodland the souls, spare by God, wait for the impure to get close to the edge; to take them down to the underground kingdom of the damn.  They identify them by the stench of decay flesh that came from their decomposing bodies.  The evil one gives them eternal life but not an everlasting body.  Every fifty years they have to get a new body to inhabit, but the stench of decay stay with them.  When one of the condemn get close to the wood, the shadows involved him in a dark cloak and took him down to hell.


Humankind continues to commit the most horrendous crimes and sins.  Lucifer was very pleased with the impure and left them live forever; if you could call that life.   The decay kept taking the innocent human down the path to the kingdom below; where they will suffer, for the pleasure they have in this world, in Beelzebub fire forever.  That’s the afterlife future of all sinners.

The dark shadows keep taking one by one all the putrefactive servant of the unclean down to hell.   They will earn the entrance to heaven when the last demon is burning below.   God soldiers patrolled the outside of the metropolis every night; they knew the assignment was almost over.   They have to trap two more soldiers of the Beast.   Using innocent; well behave human the kind Beelzebub like the most to bring the demon closer to the wood; the shadows waited in the dark to take them down.


After centuries of working in the shades of the forest; finally, they trap the last decay creature, the stench was unbearable, and sent him to where they belong.  As soon the last one crossed the portal of the inferno;  the shadows turned into bright celestial light and float to heaven to take their place with the Just and Rightful.


                                                                       Author; Melito Santos

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