objec3t24In the afternoon before dusk, he sits with his wife and children.   Take a cup of coffee; like every other day, and have a chat with his family.   Nobody knows if he will see them again.  When the sun goes down; he prepares his equipment: the fishing rod and reel, the lines, the hooks, and the sinkers.  Then, he checks the food provision for the night; dry and canned beef, water, crackers and a thermal of hot coffee.   He does the last inspection of his safety equipment.  His helper arrived with the live bait and ready to take the small boat out to the deep-sea.


He pulls the rope to crank the engine, but nothing happens; so he tries again and with a weak roar the little motor started.  Before going out, they implore God for their safe return.  The boat slowly heads out to the open ocean.  They hope to bring a good load of fish for sales and feed their family.  On the way to their favor fishing spot, they wish to earn enough money to pay their bills. It’s a long way to the fishing site, so they have plenty of time to chat and think.


In the meantime, the wives pray to an invisible God for they safe return home.  In a night like this, the woman can’t sleep worrying about what could happen because the sea is unpredictable.  So, the women sit around talking about how many has gone into the sea and never returned.  Instead of feeling better is getting worth because the mental torture they inflicted unknowingly onto themselves. They prepare the area for them to clean the fruit of their labor in the morning.  So, until the wee hours, they stay awake waiting for their husband to come back.


They arrived at the fishing site; other fishers were already there preparing to put their fishing hook in the water.  They stop a hundred meters far from the others were and prepare to begin fishing.  There was a lot of activity in the water.  There were so many fish that it look like they want to get caught.  They start to pull fish out of the water as fast as they could.  That night everybody was getting their fair share of fish.  Some of the early arrivals were leaving with their boat full to the top.  At one point they were so tired that it was time to take a break.

Back in the village boat were arriving full of fish.  The villagers were gathering around to see the fish.  Chefs from local restaurants wait for the fisherman; to buy the best product.  Also, the owners of the food store were looking to buy what they could to resale at their store.  Before they could buy anything, the fish have to be clean up first.  Boats continue to appear and our fishers still nowhere to be seen.  It was almost dawn, and their wife begins to worry.  They ask the other fishers if someone has seen them, but they respond in the negative.  Now the whole village was worry because they are noble men and the community love them for being helpful, honest and friendly.

An expedition of about ten boats set out to sea to look for them.  They separate to cover a bigger area on their way to the fishing area,  in case they have drifted away.  Still dark; they use a flashlight to look for their lost friends. The sea party has search about twenty kilometers of sea.  One of them so a dingy light in the horizon and signal the other searchers.  They all went in the direction of the glow in a hurry because the sun was coming up in the arisen.  They want to find them as soon as possible; so, they can go to rest.


While taking the break, they were so tired that fell asleep.  Hours passed before they gain consciousness.  They had lost precious time and need to work fast to recuperate that time.  They need it to fill up the boat that was half full.  The two of them work so hard that by the time the search party got to them, the vessel was full.  The fishers were so happy to find them, that they cry no of sadness but of happiness; to find their friend safe and sound.  They explained that because the lack of rest during the day the felt to sleep on the vessel and wake up near dawn.


They all went back to the village escorting the boat like; if they were going to get lost.  The villagers were waiting near the dock to receive the coming fishers.  When they saw the guys who have stayed behind; everybody begins to applause, and they felt like rock stars.  Their family and friends were at peace because they didn’t lose them to the sea.

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