imagebase3_43Up in the mountain is a plateau with lovely flowers all year long.

In different form and color, they come to decorate the land above.

Butterflies dance a beautiful ball showing their color and form.

Exquisite abstract design on their wing they have for the joy of the



Rabbits run around looking for food in the flat land; always on the lookout

for the hungry lynx who’s hiding in the bush.  Small mammals and birds or

small lizards are on the diet of the voracious cat.  In the bushes, he

patiently waits for an unwary prey who come close for him to jump.

The happy bees from flower to flower they go looking for nectar to take

home.  They make the honey that later the human and bear loot.

Hummingbirds hover near the flowers; with his long beak suck the nectar

that they needs; to have energy for the fast movement of their crazy wings.


The life goes on; some looking for root and fruit, other for the nectar and

other for prey.  That’s how it is in the Plateau some carnivores other not;

How pleasant is life high on the mountain on the flat land.  If you hike to

the top a paradise, you will find in the garden on the Plateau.


                                                                                          Author; Melito Santos




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