imagebase7_51I don’t know who has the idea of the stages of life, but he was a cynical

bastard.  When you are young, you don’t have a clue of what the future will

bring.  So, you depend on the experience of your parents.   If you parents

don’t have the education to guide you thru those first years of ignorance.

Your future is uncertain because you have to learn on your own.   So, you

make mistake but continue on your journey thru the stages of life.  In the

adolescence you psychic and physic change.  You feel a mixture of

sentiments that drive you crazy; all those hormones out control make you

almost insane.  The insecurity, the bullying, and the feeling for the

opposite sex.  In some cases just the acknowledgment of sex.  That make

you or break you and here comes the adulthood at least the young one;

 when you are between ignorance and some kind of knowledge.  Then you

enter the age where in the  USA you can go to war but can’t drink or go to

a nightclub.


You go to college does all those stupid things you couldn’t do at home.

Now that you don’t have direct supervision everything is a party and

unsafe sex.  Not all college student act like that; there are responsible one

that passes their time studying.  Then you graduate is the hour to go out

into the world; need a job, a place to leave and take responsibility for your

action.  You get married have kids on your own but still learning by

experience.  Try and error I will be said.  So, you try your best with

your children, and when they grew up: sometimes you ask yourself. What

happen? Why I did wrong?  Well, really nothing, you probably didn’t

prepare for parenthood and didn’t spend quality time with them.   It isn’t

your fault nobody taught you how to be a parent.  When you become an

expert is too late.  Then you try to compensate with your grandchildren.

You retire; have all the time you want but nobody to share with.  You have

the knowledge you need it in college but is too late the time has gone into

the wind.  The experience you need it to have a suitable life come almost at

the end of your era.  Your sex appeal is gone; the experience in

lovemaking, how to keep a relationship and the experience to educate you

children with knowledge.  You can’t use it anymore; because is hard to get

a woman at this point in time.  I said whoever made us didn’t give us

enough young time or have the stages of life all mix-up.

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