fire_nLove extend beyond the grave; when you find your soul mate.

Doesn’t matter when or where both will meet, somewhere in the Universe,

Could be on a planet far away; two souls united can’t be divided by time

or space.  Moon and earth look each other from afar, but together alway

they will stand.


Family, community, and friend for any reason come in between;

social status, the colour of the skin or any other reason such as age.

When love is real no-one can come in the middle ’cause the heart gets

what he want.  The only looser will be the persons in between.


When you’re in love; sensing a lover from afar is one of the traits.

There is a six sense that let you know where is her, you could feel it in your

heart.  Senseless people said that you can’t love with all, your heart.

They haven’t been in love; happiness and pain can be felt in the heart.

Loving with your head lead to jealousy, insecurity, and no trust.

You think about the benefits the love will bring.

When you love with your heart: there only security and faith.

All exist is the present; the future will come when you’re in love.


When two souls share the same space for a long time.

No even death will take them apart, beyond the grave love survive.

Thru earth, sea, time, and space they will go; to be together again.

Death is one more step to immortality gets with your soul mate.


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