benchLike earth incarcerate the moon,

Like the sun hold the planets hostage.

Like the Galaxy keep the solar system in place,

Like the Universe keep the milky way from shifting away.

That’s how I feel every day imprisoned without a cell.

When can I break my invisible chain that keeps me in place?

Keep me from moving in time and space;

before the Universe take me away from this land.

Tears of desperation drop down my face: because

I need someone to take me far away in time and space.

When the night comes, I am on my bed thinking

how it will be to spread my wings and fly away.

Why can I go to a different region every day and see

what is ahead?  Would be a beautiful woman to quench

my thirst for company and Love.  Could be a magnificent

panorama that takes my breath away.  Whatever it is I can’t

no longer wait.


                                                                                Author: Melito Santos





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