liliypad2It’s real or something we used to justify staying together with another human being.  If it is real, do you feel it in the heart or the mind?  Do you have butterflies having a party in your belly?   Sweaty palm is an indication that you’re in love or nervousness, shyness or the stress to ask him/her out.  When your legs feel like yellow are you in love, or you have weak legs.  If you are cocky or a well-liked person you don’t have a problem ’cause they come to you.   If you are an average looking man/woman and you feel what’s written above, then that’s love because it actually exist and you can see it in your surrounding; the birds, the animals, the flowers, and nature itself smell like love is in the air.

Cupid is up in the air flying around looking for a place where his arrow can land.  If you get your heart pierced it will be a dilemma.  You could be happy or miserable nobody knows.  Depend is the other half feel the same or not.  Love sometimes hit you hard, but the other person doesn’t know. So, if it is like that let him/her go because at the end you will hurt.  If you both are pierced at the same time; the birds sing around your head and flowers bloomed in front of you.  The day is not long enough to share your love.  Hand in hand you walk; nobody else is around when you are in love. Shyness ruins the opportunity to enjoy love because the insecurity that sometimes we all had felt.  The fear of rejection keep you still, paralyze and you can’t talk.  Someone has to take the lead for the relation to prosper.  If not when you grew up the Why will hunt you for the rest of you life.  Because you let go the love of your life.

Love will go against any belief; religion, ethnic, race, and all a person have been taught by parents and community.  Because of love, people had taken they own life: you can see in the epic poems, novel or mythology, such as Romeo and Juliette, Samson and Dalila, Perseus and Cassiopeia.  Tragic has accompanied that feeling thru history; because of it, Troy was set on fire. Love is real.  You feel butterflies in your stomach, sweaty hand and if your head is on the cloud; you’re in love and is a beautiful thing.

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