imagebase41153The lady tired of being wet, got out, to a dry place went;

living the lake by itself to take care of the fish, the birds, and the rest.

Thru the Winter, the Spring and summer she stays away; until her skin,

dry became.  When the epidermis begins to crack to the lake she ran.

The birds began to sing, the fishes out of the water jumps; because the

lady was back.  The lake happy was; you can tell by how the wave dance

back and forth.  Now everything was back in place, but something with her

was wrong because sad she was.  Nobody knew that a lover was left

behind.  The young man in the forest got lost looking for the lady whom

his heart stole.  Until late fall in the wood, he lives still; wondering around

for the missing girl.  Far away a lake he saw. To the lake in a hurry, he

walks like a magnet was drawing him up.


When to the lake he arrived, hungry, and cold he was.  He gathers wood

from the ground and a fire; he lights up.  He made a spear and some fish

he caught.  Put them over the fire, and then he ate.  He was so tired that

felt to sleep.  He dreams of a house deep in the lake.  He saw

his lady friends.  It was so real that in the morning without thinking about

in the water, he jumps. Down deep he went until out of oxygen he fainted.

 She saw him floating in the water; her heart from happiness out of her

chest almost jump, with a kiss she wakes him up.  Like a mermaid, she

gives him the gift to underwater breath.  Forever deep in the lake, they

will live.



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