deer-084-copyHow wonderful was when you live without fear or malicious thought.   You didn’t know what Planet, what country, or what city you were and didn’t care because your loving parents look over you.  Naked you bathed with sister, cousin or family friend.   You were so innocent, like Adam and Eve before the apple, that your nakedness didn’t notice.  The many times that laughing and playing around the house without clothes you ran.  The years pass by.  You innocent begin to change because in this world bad people are; so you need to know how to defend yourself.  The best way you children can take care of themselves is learning before their time how thing are; the rapist, pedophile, and psycho in the street walk about.  Most of the time nobody knows who they are.  So, the kids have to mature before their time.

Now with the internet and all the gadget available is harder for the parents to keep their offspring saved.  The web is a two side blade; give your child’s knowledge, but it could be good as well as bad.  It’s important that the custodian of a child have knowledge of computer and the web.  So, he/she can monitor you child in the net.  There are a lot of predators looking for naive people and not only child but young adult too.   Believe it or not, nowadays there is innocent young adult.  The human traffic exists everywhere so be on the lookout for anything out-of-place.  They kidnap people for prostitution, domestic slavery and for an involuntary organ donor.  We as a society have to protect not only your family but all human being that need our help: for a better world.

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