water_nUp in the Lake, on the mountain top, where he was born

begin his long journey down below: to the plateau.

A beautiful sound he produce when with the rock he meet;

bringing life to birds, mammals, and the reptiles in the plateau.


The trees, bushes, and all plants welcome him gratefully for the gift he

brings.  The Lioness in the bushes waits for a prey to come close to them.

 Looking for water the deer come; no suspecting that death for them await.

Moving fast the lioness jump on the deer and on a blink of an eye,  life is lost.

With the gift from the top, the land below comes to life; at lease for a

while, one more time.  From all around creatures come to quench the

thirst the dry season let behind.  The flowers open up to the bees that for

pollen comes; to make honey, for all of us.

The river continues his travels on the way to the big sea that with patience;

wait for him.  Salmons and Truchas on they way careful must be ’cause the

Bears and Wolf are down the creek in silence waiting; most be.  That’s the

purpose of the river; to give life to all living thing down the hill.


                                                                              Author; Melito Santos





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