Beauty is in the heart.  Beautiful faces fade away, but a good heart always stays.  If you wanimg_4944t a partner for life; first look deep inside.  A good- looking human caught your eyes, but to find you soul mate: you have to take your time.  Some men and women dig for gold.  A real person looks beyond.  Egoistic, narcissistic, and superficial they might be; but a lovely soul; hidden inside could be.  Don’t play all you cards until you see.

When a human break another heart.  It takes time to fix that heart.  Get someone who treats you right and doesn’t make you cry.  If a person abuse you physical or verbal go away and don’t look back.  A human like that won’t change his/her heart.  Never take for granted what you had.  Somebody else could take it away and empty hand it; you will be.  To keep you partner by you side equality there must be.  Nowadays men and woman have to do the same chore in the house for the home to run fine.  Never let you lady go to work and come back home to find you on the couch with everything in the house undone.  Learn all the things you most know to take care of you flat.  One day alone you might be and able to survive you will be.  For a lasting relationship treat your other half like it was your own self and live in happiness until the end.

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