When leaf begins to dry the equinox ofimagebase14_67

fall just arrive;  a light cold breeze, down

Your spine, you can feel. It’s Autumn that

announces vegetation goes to die.


Leaflet begin to fall naked trees all around

quivering because the clothes they have lost.

On the ground like a comfortable rug, they are.

The birds are sad;  there nowhere to hide.

Flocks of various kinds flying south you can see.

Looking for warmer climate down the sea.

Thousands mile they cover to drink and feed.

Greener pasture and trees to make the nest they need.

Fall with the melancholic look is an excellent view;

a delightful scene to see as beautiful as Spring.

 Lovers from the distant can see the magnificent;

  beauty of the naked trees in the fog can be.


Author; Melito Santos


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