img_0018When Cuba invaded Granada an island in the Caribbean Sea.  My platoon and I were ready to go, but instead, the Division put us to guard the Headquarter.  It was a twelve hours shift.  I had from midnight until noon and the other half of the platoon the other shift.   We were there without going anywhere not even to take a break. We eat and do our personal hygiene for the whole twelve hours in place.  We guarded the place for an entire week by the time we finished I was exhausted.   It was a learning process and a good experience.


There was a Platoon Sergeant that suppose to be a religious man, but that was all appearance.   As an  M-60 gunner, I have to jump with my m-60 machine gun inside a protective case, then I lower the weapon to the ground before I hit the ground.  I used what is call a low line which is attached to you harness the part of the parachute that holds your body.  Well,  the such call religious man, rigged my parachute in a way that was impossible for me to lower my machine gun before I hit the ground.  I always did my own check; because it was my life that was on the line.  So. I found what he did, and he looks at me scared because the Division General was right beside me.  He thought I was going to said something; I didn’t know how because of my poor ability to talk English.  What a man do that to another man.   I know it wasn’t, racism because he was black just like me.   I found out later that he thought that I was going to fail an annual test about our MOS ( military occupational specialty) that we take every year.  Since the platoon sergeant is held responsible for how the soldier assigned to him do on the test.  He did it to get me out-of-the-way not because he thought I was stupid but for my incapacity to speak the language.   You know what: I have the higher score of the test because I knew how to read and write English and the hands-on component which was the other part I didn’t have to talk for that neither.  He didn’t bother me anymore, but I was on the look out.  No, because I didn’t speak Shakespearean I was stupid!


When you talk a language that is not your native tongue.  You do it with an accent, and sometimes you make mistakes or you pronunciation isn’t that good.  Unscrupulous people laugh at you.  Those individuals don’t understand that while they speak one.  We can communicate with two, three or more languages: even if we don’t do it correctly.  That’s another thing with the foreigner or citizen like me that come from Spanish Commonwealth in USA army you are mock by both educated and uneducated soldier. But you know what; the joke is on them.  Until next time.



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