During my time in Ft Bragg, I went to a North Carolina forest with the Special Forces for training.  I have a good time there.  We were pretending to be a rebel force fighting a  local government.  They were training us as a foreign force.  How to survival in a combat zone plus how to fight and the knowledge we need to be an active combatant.  It was fun, we get too used civilian clothes and don’t shave for a whole month.  Something you can’t do in the Army.  I remember when they send me to get boxes of c-ration.  We wait for an airplane who’s gone drop the package in a nearby field.  Everybody went to sleep.  I was alone in the open area on top of a hill waiting: when I heard a howling noise like a wolf or coyote.  There I was with a rifle and no bullets.  I was scared, a full moon was illuminating the whole place like in the movies.  It was the right ambient to make a horror picture.  So, I stay alerted until the sun came out and you know what the plane didn’t come.  I passed the night awake for nothing.img_0021

The next day the guys from the special forces caught a snake, and we have two rabbits to make lunch.  They mix the flesh of the snake with the rabbit’s meat.  So, I ate a c-ration instead because I don’t eat snakes.  The rest of the day we made jokes and had a good time.  In the afternoon we shower in a creek near the camp.  Then the sunset came, and we made a fire pit, seat around to talk about multiple themes.   Until it was time to sleep.  We got up the next morning eat breakfast and went on five miles road march, or it was a forest full equipment walk.  Anyway, we walk thru the bush.  We have to be alert for the venomousimg_0003 serpent that leaves in those wood.  Thank God there was not an accident because there wasn’t a hospital nearby.  We arrived in the camp in the late afternoon. The next morning we pack our gear because it was time to go back but I had a great time.

Another time: we went on a white water raft ride for five days down the river.  The whole scout platoon was there having fun for a change.  We travel the whole day taking few minute break every few miles for snack and rest. At night we slept in the edge of the river; because not crocodile leaves in those rivers.  After five days down the river, we were exhausted.  We were glad when the truck came to pick up us.  Well, until next time my friends.

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