sunset5The eternal question; there is intelligence life form in other parts of the Universe.  I am not an expert, but like Judy, Foster said in the movie contact:” if there isn’t life.  It is a lot of wasted space.”   I believe with all the Planet in the Universe there has to be some intelligent life form.   Can you imagine; if we find life on another planet.  How many convictions will go down the drain?   Religion tells us: A supreme being create us.  That in the Universe don’t exist another life form like us.  It isn’t  that I don’t believe.  On the contrary, I believe in God.   But the possibility that we are the only intelligent form of life in what we call the universe; to me is impossible.  If you look up on a clear night: there are thousand, if not millions of star.  Some have the condition to support life.  So, why some people still believe at this moment in time with the new technology that exists that we are the only one.  Thousand years ago the planet was flat, the sun moves around the planet earth, and Europe,  Asia, and Africa were the only land known by the human at that time.

What do you think: we are or we are not the only one?   Their something to think about because with all this plan of human conquering the universe.  We have to ask that question: there is life outside our planet?   The idea that human governments of the world have; to conquer the star could end up in an intergalactic war.  If the preparation we have isn’t enough: we will have the same faith the Native Americans had.  Our land will be taken from us as well as our right to leave.   The right to leave where we want too, and we will be a minority in our land.  That’s something people has to measure the government knows: because the human living during that time will pay the price.  I am not saying that we shouldn’t do it.  What I am saying is to be prepared before that we go into space.  Well, think about it. Until next time.

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